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10 Reasons to Start Rock Climbing

crsEver thought about getting into rock climbing? Here are 10 reasons why you should:

It’s never boring
There are more routes in the world you to climb than time to climb them. Seriously. You will never run out of crags or walls, no matter what kind of rock climbing you take up. Even gyms will switch up their routes regularly to keep things fresh when you can’t head outdoors.

You’ll reach new heights—literally
When you’re a climber, rock faces become more than gorgeous parts of the landscape, they’re new heights to conquer. You’ll get to see the world from a new perch and the view is magnificent.

It’ll keep you fit
Rock climbing is a great way to burn calories—it can even burn more than jogging. It’ll work your arms, legs and core, as well as give you a good sense of balance and a better spatial awareness. Oh, and it’s actually fun, which is more than can be said for jogging.

You’ll get some great vanity muscles
Burning calories is all well and good, but let’s acknowledge our vanity for a moment: your arms are going to look awesome even after your first few climbs.

It’ll build your self-esteem
The more climbs you do and the higher your climbs, the more your self-esteem will grow. And that sense of accomplishment doesn’t go away, even after your thousandth climb. Oh, and with your new vanity muscles, chances are you’ll feel even more confident in your looks.

It’s another reason to go outside
Not that you need it or anything, but climbing trips provide yet another great excuse to head outdoors for an awesome time. And frankly, can’t we all use more excuses to do just that?

Build new friendships and strengthen old ones
For safety reasons, it’s never a good idea to climb alone. So get into the sport with a friend or find folks in your area who climb that you can befriend. The memories you make with the people you climb with, that are there for your sometimes scary falls (everyone falls) or share a beautiful view will last a lifetime.

You’ll see the world
There are great rocks to climb across the globe, and at some point in your climbing career you’ll want to scale them all.

Fun for the whole family
One of the best things about rock climbing is that it’s a sport for all ages, making it a lot of fun for even the youngest of your family. Take your siblings or kids out and they’ll grow up with another reason to love the outdoors.

It provides a sense of freedom
Nothing says freedom like scaling some of the biggest rocks in the world. Plus, climbing is the kind of sport that you can do (almost) whenever or wherever you want to.