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10 Reasons to Throw Away your TV (and GTFO)

These days people spend too much time watching TV and not enough time doing things that are more productive and healthy. Instead of getting caught up in a TV watching routine on the weekends or after work, here is a list of better things you can do! 

rtaGo Outside More
This suggestion sounds seriously easy, but it is shocking how little time people spend outside nowadays. Going for a walk or run is not only good for your health, but it will help you get to know the area around you. Instead of watching other people’s lives on the TV, create one for yourself.

Do Something New
If you were to throw away your TV today it would open up enough time to form a completely new hobby. Whether you want to learn to play an instrument, start playing basketball or take pictures you will finally have time once the TV is out of the equation.

forFocus on Relationships
The time wasted on sitting in front of a box of moving pictures could be better spent actually interacting with another human being. It doesn’t matter if it’s your brother, neighbor or grandma actually sitting down and talking is an activity people seem to be doing less and less of these days.


Read Books
Books go into far more depth and engage you further into a story. Since you don’t need an electric socket you can literally just go set up a hammock somewhere and read. If it’s been awhile since you’ve cracked a book choose an easy, fictional one to get you started.

smSave Money
TV costs you a significant amount of money every month. Over the course of a year this money adds up to hundreds of dollars. With that extra cash you could take an extra weekend trip flying somewhere and staying in a hotel. Doesn’t this sound more interesting than staring at a box all day?


Internet Has Everything You Need
A lot of time spent watching TV is wasted during the commercials. Even if you can’t break free from your favorite reality TV or soap operas, watching them on the Internet is easier than ever. Many websites offer free streaming television and you never have to wait for your show to come on. 

dlLearn a Foreign Language
Learning a foreign language takes practice and repetition. What do most people currently do on a regular basis and almost every single day? The answer is watch TV, so if you were to spend the same amount of time to practicing a language you would be speaking it in a matter of months.


Today humans spend an abnormal amount of time in front of ‘screens.’ Whether it be your iphone, computer or TV this activity can almost certainly not be healthy for you. If you decided to throw away your TV you could have the time to get out and enjoy nature. Or even try to just sit alone with your thoughts or lack there of for awhile!



The USA has a growing problem with obesity and one of the major contributing factors is the TV. Even if your exercise is as simple as a quick walk, some pushups or even a full out run you will be a lot healthier for it! If you absolutely can’t break the TV habit and  don’t want to throw it out the window like you should, try doing exercise while watching TV.

Admire Art
When was the last time you sat and looked at a painting? Seriously, I bet there is a magnificent work of art in your home or office that you pass everyday and always take for granted. TV overstimulates us with too many images and we become trained not to enjoy the simple things. Instead of staring at the box, go to a museum and check out some awesome art!