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2013 National Arbor Day Award Supports Outdoor Learning

Nature explore

What child doesn’t want to go outside to learn? So often, schools try to pen children into dark school buildings and force feed them bits of knowledge. As we all know, most youngsters haven’t reached the maturity or dedication to be able to sit for so long and consume all these bits of information. A restlessness often dominates children’s classrooms, and learning rarely reaches its full potential.

This weekend, the Arbor Day Foundation will support those who are willing to think outside the classroom. Lakeshore Learning Materials will be presented with the Rachel Carson Award, in recognition for their use of the Nature Explore Classroom concept at their on-site preschool for employee’s children. This Nature Explore classroom is the third in California, and the 25th in the US. It seeks to integrate an appreciation for the outdoors in children while they are still at critical learning stages.

It is exciting to see how our education is even beginning to realize the power of nature. You are never too old to stop learning for nature; take a break and enjoy nature this Arbor Day!