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Get Out and Active with Outdoor Nation’s 2013 Summits


Outdoor Nation wants to get you rockin’ out with nature, and with their  innovative, one-of-a-kind Summits, millennials are  speaking out for present and future generations about learning, loving and appreciating an active life outside.

If you haven’t heard of Outdoor Nation’s Summits, then it’s time to get in the loop. It’s easy to register for any of the planned, predestined two-day events where you will join others to determine the barriers that keep young people from enjoying the outdoors and how to overcome them through kickass community projects.

“The Summits are unlike anything else because we’re not only getting people talking and motivated, we’re also activating them so they can’t just leave and lose momentum – they have a community project to start working on,” explained Outdoor Nation program assistant Julie Munro. And that’s not all participants can expect. Each Summit offers a unique and inspiring experience bonding with others in nature.


“What type of Outdoor Nation event would this be if we didn’t spend some time outdoors?”  said Munro. “In each city, we stop working Saturday late afternoon and head to a local park for unstructured outdoor time, a cookout, a campfire conversation with athlete ambassadors from The North Face, and an overnight camping experience. “

There are three different summits offered in a three-year regional Summit strategy: Signature Summits, ON-IT (Intensive Training) Summits and OWN-IT Summits.

Signature Summits
These are for first year participants in select cities and last two full days. Participants collaborate to develop ideas for community projects and present them to an audience. Keypad technology voting is used to determine the most popular ideas, and those in turn, are funded by Outdoor Nation grants. This year, Signature Summits were held in Raleigh-Durham, NC, Chicago, IL and Seattle, WA. Check back for upcoming Signature Summits and get involved!


ON-IT Summits
So you attended a Signature Summit and now you’re hooked. ON-IT Summits are for second year participants held in the same cities where the initial Signature Summits were held. These two-day events offer a similar experience as the Signature Summit, except with more in depth training and discussion. Share your ideas and work with outdoor leaders, activists and entrepreneurs to further advance current projects in the area. There are three ON-ITS scheduled for fall 2013 in Boston, Austin and Los Angeles– get on it!

OWN-IT Summits
You did the Signature and ON-Its and are a seasoned pro- you’re ready to take the reigns and steer! New for 2013, OWN-IT Summits are designed by millennials who have been involved in past summits and want to make a larger impact by hosting their own. These  full day events are half outdoor activity and half discussion based. OWN IT hosts are presented with a grant from Outdoor Nation to implement any new ideas and projects conjured up during the day. For more information, browse the OWN IT tool kit.