4 Historic Bike Trails

With Memorial Day just around the corner, why not take a break from the every day and coast down a historic bike trail? Here’s  four trails to put your wheels on.

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Trail 
The C&O trail follows the path of an important canal for delivering goods from town to town. from Georgetown to Cumberland. The 184 miles of path takes you by historical towns such as Harper’s Ferry where the Appalachian Trail Conservancy Headquarters are. Bring a frisbee to play along any of the numerous public parks and campgrounds along the way. The canal took roughly 22 years to be built with the work from some 35,000 Irish and Western European immigrants.

San Antonio Missions Historical Trail 
While you can bike along and see some of the historic missions, there are a number of things that the park showcases such as art, environmental progress, and the hope for a better trail. The river that flows along part of the trail is protected to be as natural as possible. Along it you’ll see some beautiful natural features like embayments. Even though the water will be cool this time of the year, swimming is not permitted.

Underground Railroad Historic Trail 
This trail is great for history lovers and scenic view seekers alike. The 2,007 mile long corridor takes you from Alabama up to Canada with stops of interest to the Underground Railroad. You’ll bike along beautiful rivers, hilly regions and old time towns that have a you’re-family feel to them. By the time you reach Owen Sound – where the tired slaves earned their freedom at last – you may feel like you’re a bit freer too.

Lewis and Clark Trail
We’ve all heard of Lewis and Clark and they expedition that they had in 1804 to travel westward towards the Pacific coast. Since the expedition crew traveled mostly by water, these trails and roads stay as close to the rivers as possible. This is the longest of the trails at over 4,600 miles long. If you want to do the whole trail then you’ll need around 2 1/2 to 3 months.

By James Kennedy