5 Shirts to Keep You Feeling and Looking Cool

shirt guyWe all know those guys who like to keep it simple: just buy 7 of the same shirt in different colors and call it good. Do the wash once a week, and everyone’s happy, right? No. Every wardrobe should have a little more variety. So if you’re looking for that perfect summer shirt to keep you cool, consider trying a couple out. Here are some shirts to get you started on your quest for the perfect shirts.

Mountain Khakis 2013Equatorial Shirt by Mountain Khakis

This long sleeve adds some variety to your wardrobe, with several different colored plaid options. As the name says, this shirt is designed to keep you cool in some of the hottest areas in the world. Not only will it keep you cool, but will last the use you put it through. And get this: the fabric is biodegradable. You really can’t get more natural than that.





coolest shirtWorld’s Coolest Shirt by Orvis

I’m not sure if this is the coolest shirt out there, but I’m pretty sure this the most narcissistically named shirt. This shirt is sure to keep your confidence up too. The breezy fit will keep you from any major sweating, and it’s not too casual. This is a perfect shirt for a variety of occasions.

canyon shirt





Canyon Shirt by Mountain Hardwear

For those days when you’ll be weathering the UPF rays as well as the wind, this is a perfect shirt. This has great UPF 30 protection, and also provides protection against the wind. This shirt is also great because there’s a men’s and women’s version. That makes me happy.





Freezer ZeroFreezer Zero Shirt by Columbia

This shirt may not look very special, but it has enough science in action to give you a headache if you tried to understand it all. Most of the t-shirts mentioned so far have the ability to absorb moisture and protect you from the sun. But this shirt goes the extra mile with Omni-Freeze ZERO, meaning that when you sweat, it reacts with the fabric to bring the fabric’s temperature down. Pretty neat, right?






pg-10022_nrf-478Bugstopper NFZ Shirt by Simms Fishing

This is one of the few shirts that will keep the bugs at bay. Rated at UPF 50, your skin will have day long protection the sun, and when the sun goes down, nasty little critters. Now all you need is a shirt that will attract the ladies. Surely that shirt would be a best seller.

With Contributions from Yoon Kim