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5 Tips for an Outdoorsy Mother’s Day

MSBelieve it or not, your Mom totally used to be a backpack rockin’, hiking boots wearin’, outdoorsy hottie. Hell, maybe she still is and, in honor of her outdoorsy nature, we encourage you to take the woman who spent hours of painstaking labor bringing you into this world on an outdoor adventure this Mother’s Day. Here’s the where and the how of it all:

Climb Every Mountain:
If you live in a mountainous region or within driving distance, take your Mom to the top of a mountain. Drive to the top if you have to. This will give you both prime bonding time and, more importantly, you’ll probably walk away with a newfound respect for your Mom who hiked all the way to the top of a peak and didn’t complain one iota.

Build Sandcastles:
If you’re near an ocean or lake, take your momma for a walk along the dunes, build some sandcastles like when you were young, and collect some seashells for her next craft project. This may seem trite but it’ll be relaxing for her and give you both time to catch up.

Rock Out:
Maybe your Mom’s a climber, maybe she’s not. Regardless, give her a thrill and take her outdoor rock climbing. Chances are you can find some easy beginner routes in your area. It’ll be an awesome bonding experience and your madre may even surprise you with her bravery and willingness.

Gone Fishin’:
All of the women in my family, including this gal, love to fish. We catch ‘em, flay ‘em, and fry ‘em up real good. We even bait our own hooks and, chances are your momma would love to do the same. Ok, maybe no the flaying part, but a couple of poles, some bait, and a fishing hole might just be the perfect outdoor adventure for the two of you.

Play it Safe:
As is the case with all Moms, she’ll want to make sure that you’re both safe on your adventures. Bring plenty of water, make sure to check weather conditions and, for a cool Mother’s Day gift, consider buying Mom a Venturesafe Anti-Theft shoulder bag ( he highly recommend the turquoise, since it’s super pretty). This nifty little pack is perfect for all of your travels, as it’s durable and has plenty of nooks and crannies for stowing away money, expensive gear, and other valuables like your camera or phone. For other cool and stylish  Momma gifts, visit Pacsafe which features “smart travel gear” to protect your belongings so Mom can play without a worry on her special day.