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6 Outdoor Dates Your Girl is Dying for You to Take Her On

picnicA Picnic to Get Her to Pucker Up:
When I was coming up with ideas for this article, I asked my cute, blonde gal pal for her input. She immediately started jumping up and down in her seat like a little school girl (Yeah, we know you’re thinking Brittany Spears right now) and clapped her hands together, baby-seal style, with delight as she exclaimed, “OHHH MYYY GOOOSHHH, I would, like, totally want him to take me on a picnic…next to a meadow (more bouncing)…with wildflowers growing everywhere (more clapping)…AT TWILIGHT!” So, there you have it. Take your girl for a romantic picnic. Throw in a meadow at nighttime and she’ll be singin’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time” ( You know you wanna Youtube that shit right now).


snowshoesWalkin’ in a Winter Wonderland:
Back to my cute, blonde, gal pal. She also mentioned that snowshoeing would be “OMG, so cute! And we could, like, get stuck together!” I was thinking less along the lines of getting stuck and more along the lines of snuggling in the cold…also that trekking up a badass mountain together would promote bonding. Not to mention, I’m totally gonna wanna cozy up next to you by the fire when we get back. Don’t have snowshoes? That’s ok, you can rent them at several outdoor retailers such as REI.


tubingOld Man River:
Whether it’s off the back of a boat goin’ a bagillion miles an hour or just floating lazily down an ambling river, tubing is a fun, outdoor date that will get your cutie in a bikini and give you the chance to show off your rippling muscles. Tip: Be sure to splash her playfully (We girls like that…just don’t unleash the canon ball…this isn’t middle school for crying out loud!).


fishingGone Fishin’:
Even if she doesn’t wanna bait her own hook or put the fish on the stringer, most girls love puttin’ on some cut-off jean shorts (you know the ones I’m talkin’ about) and joining you on the lake or pond for some good ‘ol, wholesome, fishin’. It’s relaxing, it gets you outdoors, and it’s a good way to bond with your baby.


climbingPut Your Honey in a Harness:
I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to drooling over climber boys! Take your girl on an epic, outdoor, climb. Show her the ropes, literally. This is an awesome couples activity that will build trust between you and your sweetie.


raftingHit the Rapids:
White water rafting is a badass experience that will give your girl the opportunity to squeal with delight while she grips your arms for dear life. Be sure to take a guided tour with a professional, always wear a life vest, and prepare to be drenched to the bone!

Of course, you could always raft down a stream that you’ve just caught fish in for your picnic, climb and snowshoe to the top of a mountain, eat your grub at the summit, and then tube down one of the steep slopes because that’s just how you role. Hey, it may make you a show off…but I’d date you. And so would my cute, blonde, gal pal.