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6 Reasons it Isn’t too Late to Get Outside

6 Reasons it Isn’t too Late to Get Outside

Are you new to the outdoor scene?  Or maybe you aren’t even new, maybe you are completely on the outside looking in (or the inside looking out in this case I guess) wondering how you could ever accomplish something like climbing a mountain or rafting down a river.  I’m here to tell you from personal experience, it is never too late to start an outdoor hobby.  So what if every weekend of your entire life has been spent in climate controlled, completely safe civilization?  The cool thing about outdoor activities is, there can be a little something for everyone.  Start small, and I promise you that it only gets bigger and better.

The people you meet
You start seeing immediately upon doing things outdoors that people are just HAPPIER when they are outside!  Maybe it’s the sunlight, maybe it’s the fact that everyone else is being really nice and it just rubs off on everyone else, but take up a new outdoors hobby, any new hobby, and I can almost guarantee that someone out there is going to be ready to enthusiastically give you tips.  Then eventually, you’ll be that wicked cool outdoorsy person giving other newbs tips.

You are more capable than you think
I need you to get the notion out of your mind that you are just not “cut out for the outdoors.”  I mean, come on.  You aren’t “cut out” to enjoy the natural beauty of the world?  Play outside and learn things about yourself that you didn’t know possible?  If you never try, you definitely know you can’t.  But what about the other way around?

It is fun
Maybe you like cross-country skiing, or maybe you are more into kayaking.  Whatever your specialty, getting outdoors gives you something to be really passionate about.  Getting outside and exercising is going to be naturally uplifting what-with endorphins, but the funny stories and unforgettable experiences you have adventuring outside will be irreplaceable.

You can learn new things

You can learn new things
You won’t be a pro when you start getting outside, and that’s okay.  Don’t get yourself in over your head with your ventures and accept help from others.  You may teach yourself things that you hadn’t thought about before, not only about outdoorsmanship, but also about life.

It will help your self-confidence
Not every activity is cool for everyone, and that is understandable. However, even if you’ve had one “off experience” in the past—there area always a hundred different outdoor activities to try, new mountains to climb.  Just think about achieving what you thought was impossible.  Think about how good that will feel.  Now go do it.

Because it is actually pretty cool
A lot of people are afraid of looking stupid.  Maybe they will slip while hiking, or their canoe will tip over.  The reality of the situation is though, the silly things that happen when you are trying new things are often times the best memories.  Eventually you can get to a point of mastery, but everyone starts somewhere.  If you embrace that and just try something new, you never know what can happen, or how much you really really love outdoor adventure.