6 Reasons to try Disc Golf (Frisbee Golf)

In case you don’t know, Disc Golf is a flying disc sport where precision and accuracy rule. Individual players toss a “disc,” or frisbee for us common folk, at a target that looks sort of like a bird cage made of chains (the “hole”). The discs are actually much smaller and heavier that the ones you played catch with as a kid. Basically it’s a mixture of frisbee and golf. Although the Professional Disc Golf Association discredits the names “Frolf” and “Frisbee Golf”, although they have become commonplace among friends and popular culture. But whatever you want to call it, it’s a sport worth giving a “shot.” Here are six reasons why:

Great Social Setting
The game is a nice social lubricant without the confines of those expensive, plaid slacks people wear while playing golf. Hanging out with the buddies, having a beverage from a wheeled cooler is a part of the game.

The Challenge
From big par courses to little Par 2s can offer interesting shot opportunities. Choosing which disc is best and throw-strength all come into play, but the more wind you have, the harder it is to hit that imaginary bird in the cage. It’s difficult and frustrating at times just like golf, but when you sink a nice shot, it feels glorious.

Get Outside
An excuse to get outside is reason enough right? If the weather is good, you just have too!

Who knows? Maybe you have a natural talent for the sport. Maybe you could be in the United States Disc Golf Championships challenging Ken Climo, the reigning champion from Florida.

There is a Course Nearby
Doing the same sports or outdoor activities can become monotonous. Add a little zing to it with a new sport. Disc Golf courses can be found across the globe in over 40 countries, so chances are high that one is conveniently located near you.

George Says So
In 1997, George Costanza, from Seinfeld, spends a good amount of air time explaining to Jerry that “frolf” is a gold game played with a Frisbee. He goes on and on about how great it is. So why not trust in George and give it a go.