6 Romantic Outdoors Ideas for Valentines Day


Valentines Day is just around the corner and what better way to show your significant other some lovin’ than getting dirty in the great outdoors? Ditch the flowers/tacky jewelry route and try a dose of adventure instead- here are 6 Valentines Day outdoor activities and destinations.

Find a Private Island in the FL Keys
Unfortunately, V-Day is a winter holiday, but shake things up with a trip to the FL keys- and bring a kayak! Here, you don’t need a guide to show you paradise and you most certainly don’t need to worry about going broke. Just load up those kayaks (or you can rent there) and drop in right off the side of the road. The salty waters surrounding the keys are dotted with little empty mangrove islands, perfect for a private beach getaway. Don’t forget the champagne!

Treat Them to a Feb. 14 Full Moon
If you live in the EST zone, get excited because the full moon is set to illuminate the heavens on the day of love itself. This makes it easy to plan any moonlit activity! Look up some awesome trials, pack a romantic dinner and head out arm in arm with your lover. Try some snowshoe trekking or cross country skiing and pitch a tent under the moonbeams.

Overnight Bike Trip
Here’s a novel idea- if you and your boo are avid road bikers, how about looking up a cute bed and breakfast in a charming town, then spend a day biking to your destination! Look up scenic routes that promise dreamy scenery and pavement free of automobiles and pack for an overnight trip. Stop at picturesque locations along the way and take your time, ending with a hard earned night on the town and a cozy bed to snuggle in!

Sedona, AZ: The Perfect V Day Getaway
Sedona offers couples tons of lovely little outdoors adventures, all wrapped up with gorgeous scenery that’ll steal your heart cupid style. If I were a dude, I’d plan a surprise weekend getaway for my queen, set out for Sedona and line up fun activities in the area such as horseback riding, wine tours, hiking, biking and a cute little place to stay of course. Brownie points for setting up a campsite and she will love you forever.

For Roses, go to San Antonio
Every year during Valentine’s Day, lovers flock to San Antonio, TX when the city is transformed into the City of Roses- yellow roses to be exact. Local businesses and restaurants take part in the celebration, handing out yellow roses to customers. The blankets of roses add a romantic touch, but the city itself is charismatic enough with beautiful architecture, markets and other botanical treats such as the Japanese Tea Garden or the San Antonio Botanical Garden.

Asheville is for Outdoors Lovers
For the ultimate outdoor experience, mixed with a great food, arts and music scene how about taking your V Day adventures to Asheville, NC? Hiking won’t disappoint, or take a romantic scenic drive through the mountains. Organize a hot air balloon ride (this is a great idea for others areas of the U.S. as well!) and hold your baby close as you drift into the sunset over mountain tops together.