6 Seriously Good Ideas for Your Weekend

Camping Sunrise

Start your summer right with one seriously good idea for you weekend. The list is long, but here are 6 to get you started:

Run a Race:
The summer is the season for 5k’s and fun-runs. Chances are the money is going to a good place and the miles will add distance to your life. Get off the couch this weekend and find a local race to get that blood flowing and sweat dripping.

See a Sunrise
For some, the weekend might be for sleeping past noon. But time is limited and time-off is even more so. Do yourself a favor and get the most out of your day by seeing a sunrise. The hardest part is rolling out of bed but the reward is 15+ hours of daylight.

Go Camping
Pitch the tent, unroll the sleeping bag, and take a step away from it all by going camping. One day or two, nothing allows you to take a step back and gain a little perspective on the real world that we live in. Couple that with a good campfire and great company and you have the recipe for a great weekend.

Visit an Animal Shelter
Alright, just by visiting an animal shelter doesn’t mean your going to adopt a pet. Maybe you just want to give some brief love and attention to a little furball that needs it. But if you do happen to connect eyes with a tearing-up puppy while a Sarah Mclaughlin song plays in the background, well, what can you do?

Check out the official Geocaching¬†website and find one of the 2,116,695 active geocaches near you. Use your smartphone or other GPS locating device and participate in real world treasure hunt. Go explore, discover, and find something new; you never know what you’ll stumble across.

Use Your Computer
This one is a joke!!! In fact, turn off your computer, hide the keyboard, and go explore a world free of chat-rooms, popup ads, and profile pics. Enough time is dedicated to the glare of the computer screen during the week. Give your eyes a rest and your mind some new stimulus; keep that computer in the corner this weekend.

By Brad Lane