6 Best Ways to Break from Studying for Finals

Finals week is fast approaching, folks, and you all know what that means. During finals week, campuses nation wide turn from fun, active communities to deserted wastelands. (cue the cricket chirps) For students, finals week is a dreaded week of the school year that is second in misery only to one: dead week. Now, contrary to the whispers of unsuspecting freshman, dead week didn’t get its name from the loss of life sustained from perpetual studying- as far as I know, that’s a biological impossibility. Dead week is the week before finals where professors typically cancel class, giving students ample time to study for the impending onslaught of exams, essays, and presentations. Now, I don’t mean to be presumptuous, I have every faith that you possess perfectly honed studying skills. But in the likely event that hours of cramming have left you dyslexic, here’s the key to handling your final exams like a champ.

Go for a bike rideGo for a bike ride
Your local route must look pretty attractive after unending hours of review. Why not answer it’s beckoning call? Hop on your choice set of wheels and go for a ride. It’s no secret, uninterrupted hours of studying can wield poor retention rates. Get back to the books later, but for now, grab your bike. It could actually yield better academic results. Not only will it be beneficial to get away from the books for a while, but a change of scenery will stimulate your mind, causing your return to studying to be more effective. It’s a win/win, really. So exchange the pencil for the pedals, and GTFO.

cvGo for a hike
Grab the boots, the socks, the short shorts, and the funky hat, it’s hiking time. There is perhaps no better way for the outdoorsman to relax from his studies than a quick hike through the woods. The wilderness is a place of solace and comfort for the outdoorsman, miles away from obligations. The steady song of the birds, cicadas, and grasshoppers is sure to distract you from the inevitable exams- if only temporarily. But keep your hike short, the point is to take a recuperative break from studying, not to disregard finals all together.

Grab the long-boardGrab the long-board
“If you got it, flaunt it.” Now, I’m not talking about your good looks. If you’re among those fortunately coordinated enough, I’m talking about your long-boarding skills. You know as well as I do that owning a longboard doesn’t qualify you as a long-boarder, it’s all about the speed, the slides, and the attitude. What’s keeping your from grabbing your board and refining your skill? The wind through your hair will do wonders for the overwhelming boredom of studious seclusion.

Grab a dateGrab a date
They say misery loves company, but what about the good times? I say two is better than one. Grab your special someone and get coffee, converse, and take your mind off the stresses of upcoming finals. Time spent with someone you care for has a way of calming your stress, which can only help your exam results. So, cultivate a little chemistry with your significant other, the stoichiometry studying can wait, I assure you.

Grab a fishing poleGrab a fishing pole
An afternoon beside a lake with a fishing pole in hand is the perfect escape for the fretting student. The peace of the still water has been the pursuit of people since the Egyptian’s first invented the fishing pole in 2000 B.C. Why not join the trend? Grab a chair, your rod, and your favorite spot, and shamelessly “walk like an egyptian.”

tree swingGo for a swing
For the thrill seekers among you, what better way to get relief from studying than a nice tree swing? Here’s the beauty of tree swings: they’re the best effort to fun ratio known to mankind! Don’t believe me? Think of the incredible fun to be had using only a rope and a piece of wood. Find a branch, a bridge, or a even a light post (looking at you, thrill seeker) to suspend your make shift miracle. Just a couple knots are between you and a couple hours of time well spent away from examin preparation.



Written by Alec Ross