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7 Christmas Gifts for the Outdoors Lover in Your Life

Go Pro
Ah, yes…the coveted Go Pro. Red Bull is singlehandedly making these things the talk of the town by using them for shooting amazing downhill mountain biking scenes and other outdoor adventures. Whether your loved one is a “pro” or not may be debatable, but what isn’t debatable is how much they will LOVE this gift. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and great for most any outdoor sport, including skiing or snow boarding, kayaking, and mountaineering.

Camp Stove
These bad-boys are super handy and oh-so nice for both winter AND summer camping. A few things to consider: Light weight is best and multiple burners are always nice because you can cook more at one time. Still not sure what to look for? Here’s a crash course.

Lightweight Trail Shoes
Perhaps your loved one isn’t into bagging 14ers or hardcore mountaineering and merely prefers brisk, moderate hikes. Consider getting them a pair of lightweight, durable, trail shoes. Chances are, if they’re the outdoorsy type, they can never have too many outdoor shoes and, if they already have hiking boots, having a stand-by pair for when those go caput is comforting since we hikers never wanna miss a day in nature.

Camping Pillow, Pad, and Bag Liner
I’m a big fan of buying items for people that they just wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. Items that are useful, compact, and thoughtful. That being said, camping pillows, pads, and bag liners are accoutrements that people often forget about or skip over but that actually make the experience of camping more comfortable and enjoyable.

Camp Shoes
This lovely little luxury is a gift that, at first, seems frivolous, but your outdoorsy friend will come to appreciate them, particularly on chilly or cold night. These shoes typically slip on over socks, have rubber soles, and are made from insulating materials meant to keep your tootsies warm and dry in camp. Consider old school moccasins or these super cool Timberland shoes that zip into themselves.

Magazine Subscription
Backpacker, Climbing, Outside, Field and Stream, or POWDER are just a few of the outdoor sports magazines that your loved one will go bonkers over. These mags contain helpful information about our sports and gear, so we can stay on the up and up. What’s more, a year-long subscription to any one of these magazines is relatively cheap and often-times comes with perks like complimentary survival and hiking trail guides.

Big Presents by Sport
If you’re really wanting to go big on a present, say for your kiddos or that special someone, these gifts are sure to please. They’re costly but worth the investment and the huge smile on your loved one’s face.

Rock-climbing– For sport climbing, consider buying a new rope and set of quick draws. Check out online retailers like The Clymb for great deals.

Skiing or Boarding– Consider buying their pass for them (Passes typically range from $300-$700 depending on location) or an avalanche shovel is a cheaper option if you wanna make sure the backcountry skier or boarder in your life is safe and sound.

Mountain Biking– If your loved one is in need of a new helmet, this is a great gift for the holidays. They’re a bit pricey but a total necessity.

Long-Distance Hiking– Distance hikers are big on weight. Carrying a heavy pack can be a pain on the trail, so you’ll want to make sure that whatever you buy them is compact, lightweight, and essential. Some suggestions include a water purifier or fixed blade knife.