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7 Reasons Why Owning An Electric Car is Awesome (On Top Of The Environmental Benefits)

Owning An Electric CarChances are if you’re reading this, you’re a conscientious citizen of the world who’s well aware of the environmental benefits of owning a car. (Do I even need to list them?) Zero greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. Zero need for foreign oil that’s contributing to the political unrest of this world. Zero amount of tailpipe emissions that lower the air quality of this earth, cause asthma etc.

You already know this. But what you might not know is that electric cars are conveniently kick ass in many other ways. Buying an electric car will help the environment, but it will also help you streamline your day-to-day existence.

Say Goodbye to Gas Stations
Goodbye long gas station lines! So long debit card reader errors at the pump! With an electric car, you never have to drive to a gas station ever again — unless you’re in need of a slurpy, in which case, go right ahead.

All you need to do is plug in your car at the end of the day and BOOM, a full tank of juice.

npThey Cut Down on the Other Type of Pollution — Noise
Do you hear that? Whatever it is, it’s probably not an electric car.

Electric cars slink around roads like a furtive cat. They don’t contribute to noise pollution, whose effects can be pernicious.

The US Government will Give You $7,500
As in, if you buy an electric car tomorrow, the IRS will cut you a check for $7,500. Real American money. For buying a car.

ceNo More Replacing Timing Belts, Fuel Filters, Spark Plugs…
Most gas powered car engines have hundreds of moving parts, each requiring occasional maintenance and often replace.

The Tesla Model S has just one. Which means you don’t even have any timing belts or spark plugs to replace. No more taking the bus to work while mechanics install a new fuel filter into your car.

More time and money saved.

oil changeNo More Oil Changes
Oil changes are mostly a scam. You don’t actually have to replace them every two months or 2,000 miles. And it’s easy enough to change on your own. All you’ll need is some oil and half an hour.

Except that with an electric car, you won’t even need that. The car is electric with only one moving part, so there’s no need for oil.

No Emissions Checks
Electric cars don’t have any emissions. So it’ll save you a trip every two years or so to check it.

Access to HOV Lanes (In Some Places)
With an electric car, you can cruise into an HOV lane even if you’re by yourself. Many municipalities are instituting this as an incentive for people to buy electric cars.