7 Trendy Summertime Activities

153494389Hiking, biking, fishing and camping just weren’t good enough for you huh?

No, I’m not asking what you’re up to; this is the newest rage on rivers and lakes in Colorado. Stand up Paddle Boarding they call it and though I’ve seen it practiced in the ocean, seeing a surfboard in Colorado is just plain weird. Somehow, someone thought: let’s see, we’ll take a surfboard, stand up and float down a river. Oh yeah, lets add a really long paddle and hit some rapids. How do they come up with this stuff?

Zip me away
Zip lines have popped up everywhere. They are at ski resorts, canyons, even in some urban areas. Now if they would just install one from Summit County to Denver we could relieve the traffic congestion on I-70, one way at least.

Makes me Climb the Walls
Yes, in Colorado we don’t have enough cliffs and walls to climb so now companies build artificial ones. These may be handy for the kids and in-experienced adults, but really? What’s next: artificial ski mountains? Oh yeah, they already did that at Ski Dubai, Snow World, Holland, and Snow Fun Park, Germany. The Old Town Hot Springs in Steamboat Springs, Co has a climbing wall next to the pool that makes falling quite a bit more appealing though.

I’ll take an ATV Tour Please
Who needs the stink, discomfort and unpredictability of horseback riding when you can sit on about 40 horses at a time? That’s horsepower to you and me and it also comes with shocks, padded seat and probably a cup holder too. ATV tours are everywhere in the mountains and are getting to be almost as annoying as snowmobiles are in the winter.

My Way or the Segway
Just what America needs: a way to get around on sidewalks at a walking pace, while standing up but without actually lifting your legs. Now if they could just invent a way for me to eat without actually moving my arms.

Take two bungee cords, add a tramp and call me in the morning
Years ago we first spotted the bungee cord, tramp combos at the base of several mountains, and at fairs and festivals around town. I wish they had them when I was a kid, but thankfully they don’t allow adults on them now. As I told my kids, I would do it, but they won’t let me. That’s right the kids didn’t buy it either. Now they have the GyroExtreme at Winter Park and other venues. This is guaranteed to make you puke in 10 seconds or less. Okay, I made that up, but just watching it makes me queasy.

No Plaid Knickers Allowed
Disc Golf is springing up everywhere. I was pretty handy with a Frisbee in high School, and have learned to love the game of golf in my older years, but until they add golf carts and a beer cart circling the course I’ll stick to the clubs and ball variety. Aspen boasts the highest disc course at 11,200 ft., but I have a feeling a lot of courses in Colorado will be challenging that claim.

By Michael Ryan