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Adults Can Enjoy the Outdoors Too

cheerful1Sometimes it just feels like the kids get all the attention. Youth programs are sweeping the nation, while adults are at home sweeping the floors. It’s about time adults have a program that engages them with nature, especially for those who need that extra bit of help to get outside.

The Achievement Centers for Children’s Camp Cheerful in Ohio has faithfully served children with disabilities, helping them get outside, and enjoy activities like gardening, nature walks, riding horses, sports, and other activities. Encouraging creativity, education, and an appreciation for nature to those with disabilities, Camp Cheerful has been a valued program.

The Achievement Center is realizing, though, that many adults with disabilities can benefit from a similar program. On April 29, the River Rock Adult Day Program will begin. This program will focus on many of the same activities, but they will be geared towards adults. This is a great opportunity for adults with disabilities to grow their interests with others who share similar struggles.

It is exciting to see a program that addresses multiple age groups. Hopefully this will be a way to encourage life long engagement with the outdoors, by showing youth that there are adults who still enjoy the same outdoor activities. You are never to old to begin to experience the outdoors, and no one should lose their love for their outdoors simply because they feel they need to grow up.cheerful3