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10 Amazing Outdoor Events Happening in September

Summer may be winding down, but that doesn’t mean the amazing outdoor events have to stop. September has everything from Sailing Championships in the City by the Bay and the manliest endurance challenge the Dolomite’s have to offer. Catch it live, participate, or check the updates online; no matter how you do it, here are 10 outdoor events in September to keep you interested:

Surf Expo
Arrive and thrive in sunny Orlando Florida for the 2013 Surf Expo for surfing and water sport professionals September 6-8. With special events, fashion shows, and award ceremonies; alongside over 2,000 booths and 20,000 attendees; this expo is one of the biggest in the surfing industry.

America’s Cup Finals
Head on down to the beautiful San Francisco Bay for the America’s Cup Sailing Finals going on from September 7th until the 21st. With the world’s best sailors behind the world’s fastest boats, this event will get any land lover cheering for the waves and wind beneath the sails of this prestigious event.

Red Bull Dolomitenmann
Translated to “Dolomite Man,” this adventure race truly allows the cream to rise to the top. With a grueling schedule of running up a mountain, paragliding, whitewater kayaking, and mountain biking; this event is not for beginners. Held in Austria on September 7th & 8th, it might be hard to watch the action live, but updates and live clips can be found on the sponsors homepage.

Endeavor Team Challenge – NorCal 2013
Located in the beautiful and untamed wilderness of the Sierra Mountains, this epic adventure held September 7th and 8th includes 30 hours and 40 miles of adventure. With the traditional sections of running, orienteering, and mountaineering; it’s a tough race. Add in the extra obstacle elements and mental challenges, and this race is could be a memory to last a lifetime.

UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 2013
On September 15th, the world’s best mountain bikers will fly down the hills of Hefjell, Norway in pursuit of the title of the world’s greatest mountain bikers. Watch all the lead changes, epic bombers, and neck-t0-neck racing all live through Red Bull’s homepage and cheer on your favorites.

Hurley Pro Series – Lower Trestles, CA
Stop #6 for the Association of Surfing Professionals, this tour of pro-surfers is one of the largest surfing events in the country. The waves will break and titles claimed September 15-21st in beautiful San Onofre State Beach, sure to be a tubular time, dude.

Interbike 2013
On September 18-20th, the largest gathering of the bicycle industry in North America will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada: Interbike. Buddy up to your bike shop owner, this event is invite only, and will surely have the latest information, demos and, excitement from the biking industry today.

Gauley Festival
Head on down to Summersville, West Virginia September 20th-21st for the American Whitewater Association’s largest fundraising event: Gauley Festival. All proceeds will go towards the AWA’s continuing efforts of conservation and access to the nation’s greatest whitewater. Watch the water flow as the Gauley itself is released, and enjoy a weekend of laid-back entertainment and class 4 good times.

Idaho Mountain Festival
This four day outdoor festival takes place September 26-29 and features climbing, trial running, and mountain biking up the ying-yang. The events are not a competition for, but rather a celebration of everything that’s awesome about these recreational pursuits, and the people that choose to do them.

F.D. Roosevelt Endurance Challenge Presented by North Face
On September 28-29, willing competitors will be racing along the Pine Mountain Ridge on the Southern edge of the Appalachian Mountains. With various competitions varying from kid friendly trail bouts to an incredible 50 miler; the sponsors for this event guarantee their course will literally take runner’s breaths away.