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Amazing Outdoor Events in October

Amazing Outdoor Events in OctoberAnother month, another round of amazing outdoor events happening. Check them out as a participant, as a spectator, or simply follow along online. With so many things to do in the month of October, what are you waiting for?

The North Face Speaker Series – Conrad Anker, “Lessons from the Summit” – October 3rd
Legendary Everest ascender Conrad Anker is touring the country spreading the good word about the many lessons learned while mountaineering. Check it out in person October 3rd in New York, or follow the live feed from the North Face’s website for free.

Red Bull Rage – October 5th
This epic race down the side of a mountain allows participants to use any bike they choose and an opportunity to get enough bugs stuck in their teeth to count it as breakfast. Returning to the U.S. after seven years, this event is guaranteed to be adrenaline pumping and speed inducing.

K2 Summit Trail Run – October 6
This ultra-endurance trail run hosts a variety of options for distance: 8 mile, half-marathon, 35K, and 50K. Regardless of the distance, prepare yourself for a tough run. Battling the dreaded K2 summit, if you choose the 50K option, you get to run this twice. Better stock up on the sodium tablets.

Red Bull Rampage, FMB World Tour 2013 – October 11-13
Buy tickets or watch a live stream of this ultimate downhill mountain biking event. Air will be grabbed and crashes are somewhat inevitable, whatever you watch for, be prepared to be amazed by some of the most athletic and skilled mountain bikers in the nation compete in the outdoor haven of Virgin, Utah.

Dew Tour Toyota City Championships – October 11-13
While professional bikers are blazing down sandstone in Utah, the worlds best skateboarders will be going head to head in the urban arena of downtown San Francisco. With a unique downhill event including real life obstacles, this championship will put riders to the test and keep spectators busy not believing their eyes.

IRONMAN world championships, Kona – October 12
If you are looking for something to do October 12th, and are in Kona, Hawaii, why not roll off the couch and participate in the IRONMAN world championships? Alright, chances are, if you haven’t been training for this for awhile, you don’t stand a chance crossing the finish line. But with beautiful scenery and amazing athletes, this event is probably more fun to watch anyway.

Outlaw Trail 2013 – October 12
Put your helmet on and strap on your bike shoes, this 10 – 100 mile option bike ride isn’t necessarily the most competitive, but it is up to 100 miles of scenic biking through county roads of Round Rock, Texas. With support along the way and plenty of friends to make, it could make a great healthy way to spend your Saturday.

Enduro Ukupacha – October 19th.
This epic moto-x event only had two finishers last year, and for good reason. This race is 100K of extreme dirt bike riding and the name itself translates from Ecuadorian to “hell”. How could it not be fun?

Oakdale Climber’s Festival – Oct 25th – 27th
Just a stone throws away from Yosemite, this 3-day climbing festival features artists, movie premieres, vendors, and an all around fun atmosphere full of fellow climbers. With an strong push for not just partying, but the conservation and continuation of climbing in culture and society, this event is aiming to help the world of climbing.

Dark Harbor Halloween Event – All Month
Only on Halloween can you market your event with “horrifying surprises.” And the Dark Harbor Halloween celebration in Long Beach promises just that. Step aboard the haunted cruise ship and prepare for a night of amazing costumes, scary mazes, and enough spectacles to keep you up all night.