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American Lung Association Releases Startling New Infographic

CigThe numbers are in, and they’re not looking good. According to ‘Rolling the Dice on Tobacco Use’, a new infographic published by the American Lung Association as part of the State of Tobacco 2013 campaign, money is the driving force behind tobacco addiction in the United States. You can view the infographic online; here are some of the prominent statistics:

  • On any given day, 3,800 children try their first cigarette and 3,000 more try their first cigar. One thousand of these young people will eventually become habitual smokers, and one-third will die from a cigarette-related disease.
  • The tobacco industry spent $22 million on marketing in 2010. Two years later, tobacco companies invested roughly $46 million to defeat Proposition 29, a ballot initiative proposing a cigarette tax in California that was narrowly rejected. The tobacco industry also spent more than $7 million to support state and federal candidates over the last two years.
  • Of all the money states generate in cigarette revenue, less than 2 cents per pack go toward tobacco addiction prevention programs.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, states should invest at least $3.7 billion in anti-smoking advocacy campaigns and programs. In reality, states spend roughly $462 million on such programs — even though they generate more than $25 billion from tobacco settlements and taxes.

To learn more about State of Tobacco 2013, please visit the program’s official website.