Hardcore Granny Gatewood is Way More Hardcore Than You



April 27th was the first time that Grandma Emma Gatewood Day has ever been observed. Grandma Emma Gatewood was the very first woman to ever hike the entirety of the Appalachian Trail in one season. She did her thru-hike at the young age of 67 in a pair of KED sneakers and a potato sack tossed over her shoulder.

Grandma Emma Gatewood Day is a day to celebrate her accomplishments, and it was observed by a Twilight Hike to Ash Cave in Ohio, with organizers planning to make the day an annual event. Gatewood was an Ohio native, and there is a trail system named after her there.

So here’s our question for you – Grandma Emma Gateway toiled her way through the original AT (which was much less kept up than it is today) in KEDs and a potato sack. What’s stopping you from getting outside?

By James Kennedy