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Become a Climate Leader

Throughout history, humanity never fails to screw stuff up. There is often a refreshing turn around, though, when mankind sees what has been done and attempts to change it. We are at that point, where we are seeing what has gone wrong with our climate, and we know something has to change.

This is where leaders step up, and the resistance lashes out. This is where we as a people can not remain passive, and it is where we as a people show what humanity has to give. We let go of our greed, and begin to focus on people. Our minds let go of dreams with dollar signs, and begin to fill with a hope for a brighter future.

Al Gore is one of those leaders, and he is calling others to join him this summer for a Climate Reality Corp training in Chicago and Istanbul. For those who take the time to focus on one of the most impacting issues of our time, they will be equipped to be Climate Leaders. Whether or not you make it to the training, be sure to educate yourself on the reality of climate change. You have the ability to educate those around you, and make a change.