Best Disc Golf Courses in Colorado

Best Disc Golf Courses in Colorado_NewColorDisc Golf has been around since the 1960’s and majorly popularized itself throughout central and southern California.  Although it is no new game, for many Disc Golf or Frolf  (Frisbee Golf) has made a major come back and has begun to give an entire new generation a game and pastime that gets people outside and keeps them active. Here is a list of some of the best Frolf courses in Colorado from the Front Range to the Western Slope and all the mountains in between.

Frisco, Co- Peak One Disc Golf Course
Located in Frisco, Colorado this course reps an elevation of 9,000 feet and differs from heavily wooded shots to open ones along side beautiful Dillon Reservoir. While many trees have been removed after being killed by an invasive beetle species this course will surely get your work out in.

Palisade, Co- Riverbend Park
This course may intimidate some people as the first shot is across a water hazard but don’t get discouraged. This course follows along the Colorado River and its landscape is layered with beautiful cottonwoods and wide open shots.

Boulder, Co- Valmont Disc Park
Valmont Disc Park is a little confusing to find but well worth the search. While going west toward Boulder, Valmont road changes into Pearl st. and you must take a right and then your next left to continue onto Valmont. The course is located on the right alongside a prairie dog development and offers close shots for the first 9 holes.  The closeness of the shots makes a new challenge while the second 9 are great for long distance throwers. A fast course to go through and very exhilarating.

Glenwood, Co- Colorado Mountain College DGC
A beautiful course with a view of the mighty Mt. Sopris, this course is rated one of the best and most diverse for shots. The local club continues to make improvements giving players easily visibly tees-pads and baskets. While some may be challenged by the thicket of trees for the first couple shots, the course opens up and changes with much variety.

Grand Junction, Co- Matchett Park
Welcome to the desert! This course is loads of fun and has many challenging shots with several water hazards.  The 18 holes are not well marked and seem to go on forever but the excitement of running up and down desert dunes well makes up for it. Many times shots are over deep ravines that require you to go bush waking to find your disk but it’s all in good fun.

Best Disc Golf Courses in Colorado_2Pine, Co- Phantom Falls
Looking to play one of the best-rated courses in the country? Phantom falls is where its at! This course is characterized as heavily wooded and hilly. Although you must make an appointment on this private course, it boasts a miraculous 38 holes and requires 5-7 hours to play. Each group will be able to book the entire course to themselves for the day in order to play it as it is meant to be played. Stop by the pro shop or clubhouse to dive into all your disc golf endeavors to enjoy one of the best courses in America.

By Carolyn Dean