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Camping and Cookware: 10 Items to Maximize Your Meals

Camping and Cookware- 10 Items to Maximize Your MealsWhether bushwhacking through untamed wilderness or camping in style at another road side attraction, an essential aspect of your adventure will be the food. A solid meal can go along way and the right gear can get you cooking in no time, so here for you today are 10 items to consider for your next campsite cook-off:

1. Whisperlite Universal
This tried and tested backpacking stove delivers in all types of weather. With minimal pack space and relatively light weight, this stove is a reliable way to cook your food when you are deep in the back-country. And with interchangeable and easy-to-fix housing, this stove will last you through the long haul.

2. Platypus PlatyPreserve
Enjoy a nice glass of Chianti under the stars? Well with this handy wine-preserver, you don’t have to substitute taste for location. The PlatyPreserve allows you to carry your wine in a compact, compressible pouch and pour a glass at your leisure. When you’re done? Squeeze the air out and tighten the cap, no oxygen will ever threaten the taste of your unfinished wine.

3. REI Camp Kitchen
Staying awhile? Might as well do it comfortably. The REI Camp Kitchen comes in a carry-on bag but once it’s set up, it gives every chef ample room to store ingredients, light the stove, and prepare a back country feast. Note, dishwasher sold separately.

4. Primus Dual Burner
Easy to clean, simple to use, compact design; what more could you ask for out of a two-burner. Reliable and ready, this portable stove will add depth to your car camping menu options. From hot water in a second to pasta primavera in no time flat, be the life of the party with this sleek stove.

5. Light My Fire MealKit 2.
This versatile mess kit fits in your backpack, backseat, and back country cupboards. It has everything you need in one slim container; bowls, plates, sporks, and cups. And some things that are just nice to have; strainers and snap-cups. The option is just eating with your hands… you animal.

6. Jetboil Flash
This convenient pack-away stove is great for watching your water boil in seconds. Super fast and easy to carry along, this backpacking stove will get you the hot water you need right away to enjoy a variety of backpacking favorites. And with an array of attachments and special features, this stove may turn out to be your favorite piece of gear.

7. Mountain House Gourmet Freeze Dried Meals
If you have the budget and want to explore different avenues of backpacking, Mountain House meals are the perfect answer to quick, nutrient filling, and tasty meal. Just add hot water to the variety of meal options including Beef Stroganoff and Potatoes and Broccoli, and you’ll be eating a nutritious meal in no time.

8. Camp Chef Single Square Cooking Iron
This handy campfire iron will turn your leave people wanting s’more from traditional campfire desserts. Apple turnovers, chocolate chip pancakes, cornbread, tuna melts, the list goes on… This versatile instrument fits nicely just about anywhere in your car and can provide that extra fuel for your average campfires.

9. BakePacker Ultralight
Love camping but hate being away from the joys of baking for too long? Well worry not, BakePacker is a simple aluminum baking grid that you place in the bottom of your pot that transfers the heat from the bottom of the pot and allows cook bags full of brownie mix, muffin mix, or cornbread mix to sit in a boiling pot of water and essentially bake themselves into delicious loaves.

10. Swiss Army Commando
Forget the extra gadgets and extra weight, the novelty items and the non-necessities; be a true frontiersman or woman and take all that you need: the Swiss Army Commando. Equipped with just the right number of tools to effectively cook your meal, take your camping skills to the next level while keeping you weight light.