Camping Cuties: How to Be Outdoorsy and Still Be Smokin’

female1Girls, girls, girls… we gotta have a talk. Now, I’m originally from the Midwest and we gals, though outdoorsy, know how to elicit whistles from the boys. We fish in sexy cutoff jeans, we hike in cute tank tops, and we make certain that our hair is always… ALWAYS… real pretty-like. However, I now live in Boulder, Colorado which has been dubbed as one of the worst dressed towns in America… For Shame! Ladies, I’m here to tell you that you can be outdoorsy and still look your best. What’s more, you can be a camping cutie, a hiking hottie, and a sexy snowbunny if you just follow a few simple, but effective, beauty truths.

What to Wear…or Not
When outdoorsing, clothing should be both fashionable AND functional. Bright colors and form fitting fabrics are a good place to start. Brightly colored shirts and pants keep you cool in the hot sun and make you easy to spot if you should happen to get your cute self lost (fingers crossed you get rescued by a sexy Park Ranger and… if you do… you’ll want to be looking your best).

Form fitting fabrics that wick away sweat but provide a thin layer of insulation are equally good for hot and colder temperatures by keeping you dry and allowing air to flow freely. Not to mention, they show off your girlish figure.

female2Beauty Brands
Several big name brands and retailers offer adorable and functional outdoor clothing, including Athleta, The Clymb, Patagonia, and prAna. For cheaper alternatives, consider Columbia, Under Armour, and REI in house brands.

Outdoor Hygiene for Hotties
Just because you’re in the outdoors doesn’t mean you have to smell like a Neanderthal. Highly recommended are the following items that are all natural, eco-friendly, and will help you smell nice and feel clean when you’re playing in the wilderness

 Aloe Vera Gel – this cooling and soothing gel is perfect for hydrating your skin in the outdoors but is typically fragrance-free so the bugs won’t eat you alive. The light, fresh, scent is very appealing to the men-folk.

Green Goddess Sunscreenthis natural sunscreen smells deliciously amazeballs and will protect you from wrinkles and cancer…which, last time I checked, are NOT considered to be attractive.

Biodegradable Towelettes – these are great for your face, underarms, and various lady parts.

Remember: Just because they’re biodegradable doesn’t mean you can leave them in the wild. Pack ‘em in, pack ‘em out!

female3Survival Tools
On my canyoneering trip last year the boys made fun of me because I brought a mirror, eyelash curler, and mascara. But, guess what?! I felt fresh-faced and beautiful for the entire trip. That being said, if there are certain beauty products you simply can’t live without then, by all means, take them along. I recommend:

  • A small, foldable brush
  • Hand-held mirror
  • Chapstick
  • Eyelash curler
  • Light, brown, mascara

These items should ensure that you’re not too dolled up but that you also don’t look like a total troll.

 Why Au Naturale is Sexy
If you’ve got the confidence, rock a completely natural look: no make-up, no hair products, no problems. The more time I spend in the outdoors, the less I seem to worry about these additions and the more comfortable I’m becoming with the natural beauty that seems to shine through when I’m out in nature doing what I love. Men, in particular, find the au naturale look to be very attractive because it suggests confidence, softness, and a love of self. In the end, there’s nothing more sexy than that.

By Hope Gately