7 Ways to Enjoy Easter Outside

162493066Easter is generally a beautiful time of year, where bunnies are celebrated and chicken eggs are cherished. With so much focus on animals and new growth that comes with spring, you would think that nature would be experienced by more families during Easter weekend. Unfortunately, Easter is often filled with eating and socializing indoors, instead of enjoying the refreshing spring weather. ┬áIf your Easter traditions don’t include going outside, here are plenty of ideas to help make this Easter a little special.

165124538Take the Easter Egg Hunt Outside
Easter egg hunts are commonly outside, so this is an easy way to enjoy getting outside during Easter. Sadly, not all of us still find joy in finding a quarter in a plastic egg anymore, so there is always opportunities to take your Easter egg hunt to a new level. Take your hunt to a nearby cave or nature center. A spelunking Easter egg hunt would not only be more challenging, but would also be much more enjoyable for many of us. For those who still aren’t satisfied and would prefer to ditch the whole searching for eggs part, geocaching could be a great twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt.

Eating can be a great time to socialize with family and is a great way to celebrate holidays. Taking the meal outside is a simple way to make that time a little more memorable. Find a special location where you can enjoy the scenery, and maybe even enjoy a hike afterwards. There’s no reason you need to gain weight every holiday; take advantage of the weather and make this holiday focused on something more than a meal.

Spring is a great time to start a new garden, or clean up an old one. Depending on the weather and where you live, gardening over Easter weekend can mean different things. No matter what though, it’s a great time to work on something in the garden. Even if you don’t have space around your house to garden, find community gardens. Get creative, and get your hands dirty. The end result is worth it, and it’s a great reason to get outside.

Bird Watching
It might sound lame until you’re surprised at what you hear. Spring can be a great time to watch birds, and it can be an educational and relaxing experience for the whole family. This is something that doesn’t leave the grandparents at home reading the newspaper, and lets kids run around outside.

Meet the Real Bunnies
Chances are, you’ll probably see a creepy bunny at the local mall around Easter. Truth is, no one likes those bunnies. You never know who’s behind the costume, and it’s never a good sign when someone has to wear such an awful costume to cover up their true identity. Mix it up and take time to see what real bunnies look like. You may have friends with an array of animals, or there’s usually petting zoos that keep bunnies and other cuddly creatures in stock. Make sure the family knows that the Easter bunny doesn’t compare to real bunnies.

Meet the Real Chickens
Head on over to a local farm for fresh eggs. Many small, family run farms give tours and let families experience country life. Take time to see what a lifestyle that revolves around the outdoors is like, and appreciate those who work to produce the Easter eggs you decorate (or eat). Some farms even have bunnies, so this could be a great opportunity to have two Easter experiences in one trip.

Get Festive
Take time to decorate the yard with Easter colors. You don’t have to go anywhere, and you can still enjoy some sunshine. Your neighbors will probably appreciate the festive decorations, and decorating can always put you in a holiday mood.

Whether one of these ideas inspires you or not, hopefully you get a chance to go outside this weekend. You don’t have to be like “The Hobbit’s” Radagast the Brown to appreciate rabbits or the great outdoors. There’s no need to have a literal bird’s nest on top of your head; just take some time to appreciate Easter and the spring weather.