Fathers Day: Top 5 most popular activities to make dad smile

Our dads work hard for themselves, but more importantly, they work hard for their children. They are worthy of the holiday called Father’s Day, which is coming up this year on Sunday, June 16th. As their children, we need to prepare a day especially for them. I’m talking about the whole package; the FAR package (Food, Activities, and Relaxation). The key to creating a huge, festive smile on your dad’s face is FAR. That means it’s all going on in ONE activity. Food, activity, and relaxation all culminated into one epic event.


This one may be the best. It’s definitely FAR acceptable and then some. Fishing is entertaining and relaxing as you bond with pops in the great outdoors. Don’t forget to pack that roast beef sandwich to eat by the river or lake.  Fishing has the added bonus of catching even more food, too (if your dad is any good at it of course). What could possibly make a better Fathers Day evening than frying up some hard earned, fresh caught trout for you, your dad, and the rest of the family. Fishing is well deserving of the #1 spot.

Firing up the grill for some fat, juicy steaks is about as manly as cooking can get. Dads love it. All you need to do is pick up the ingredients at the store and he’ll enjoy taking care of the rest. Is it FAR? 100%.

Spectator Sport Game
BASEBALL! (or whatever sport your pops is into) will be an enjoyable thing to watch together. You might have to get tickets for a day other than Father’s Day because of sport’s scheduling, but that special Father’s Day feeling can still be in the air. Be sure to grab a beverage and one of those foot long hotdogs at a concession stand.

It’s one of the most relaxing sports out there (if you get a cart). Your dad doesn’t need to have started playing the sport at 3 years old like Tiger Woods to enjoy this game.  Just relax, pick up a soda and sandwich from a cart-girl, smoke a cigar or two, and hit the ball around.

Just Hang Out
To be honest, your dad probably works very hard during the week and then does yard work on the weekends…he needs a break. Give it to him by telling him that you just want to spend some time with him. It doesn’t matter what you do; watch a movie, cook a dinner, play a board game. Remember FAR and you’re guaranteed to give dad a smile.