Five Ways to Refurbish THE Climbing Rope

It’s time to retire the old climbing rope. This piece of essential climbing gear has helped make some of your fondest memories. Like getting you safely through the hardest climb of your life and your first big fall when that hold you thought you could nail suddenly disappeared from your reach. Is something with that much history worth throwing out with your old pizza boxes and beer cans? NO! This old work horse has earned a second chance to serve you in a less dramatic way.

Can you think of a better way to reminisce on past climbing adventures than lounging out on the rope that saw you through all of them?

Tools and materials
One 60 meter climbing rope, two ten foot 2×4, 1½in wood paddle bit, , eight 5 inch wood screws, tape measure, hand saw, power drill


  1. Cut the 2X4s into two pieces measuring 44in and 76in
  2. Starting 2 inches from the end of the 44 inch 2×4 use the wood paddle to drill 10 evenly spaced holes.
  3. Drill the four pieces of wood together making a rectangle.
  4. Start weaving your rope through one end simple going back and forth from one end to the other. Than cross the rope in a diagonal pattern to close the gaps.
  5. Cut off any extra slack and use it to hang your hammock between two trees


Rope latterRope latter
Turn what used to help you ascend unthinkable cliffs into a back up exit from high places.

Tools and Materials
Rope, 2X4 , 1in wood paddle, power drill


  1. Measure the distance from start to finish.
  2. Keep in mind that the rungs will be a foot and a half apart and that for every rung used there needs to be an extra 5in in the rope as to account for the knot.
  3. Cut the 2X4 into 18in sections.
  4. Paddle holes on each end of the rung.
  5. Fold the rope in half.
  6.  Slide the rung up the rope. This will be the top rung.
  7. Tie a knot in the rope on the bottom end of the rung in order to keep it from slipping down.
  8. Repeat step 6 and 7 until rope ladder is finished.

Dog LeashDog Leash
So you built the rope latter and didn’t use all your rope up? Use the last 5 feet to make an unbreakable dog lead.

Rope, dog leash snap hook, Lighter


  1. Remove six inches of the rope sheath
  2. Braid the guts of the rope around the dog leash snap hook
  3. Fuse the guts together with the lighter
  4. Observe the strongest dog lead known to man



Rope swingRope swing
You once swung from cliffs together. Why stop the trend? Now you can swing from trees together.



  1. Find a tree with big branches growing parallel with the bank of the river.
  2. Braid your rope; the thicker it is the easier it will be to grip when wet.
  3. Latch it on the branch.




Rope swingTire Swing
Keeping the swinging spirit alive.

Rope, tire, 1in drill bit, power drill


  1. Where the tread is the softest on your hinny. This will be the top.
  2. Drill three holes on the bottom side of the tire. Enabling rain water to drain off freely.
  3. Secure the rope to a load barring branch.
  4. Tie the tire to the rope.