4 Deliciously Simple Camping Recipes


Put that pack of hot dogs away and leave the burdensome cookware back at the house because  for your next camping trip, all you need is a campfire and your appetite. Here are a few savory camping recipe ideas so ridiculously easy,  a 5-year-old could do it.

6702262957_f0e1d1c3f8_zBreakfast: The Baggie Omelet
After this, you will have a whole new respect for the plastic sandwich bag.

Ingredients: Eggs (2 or 3), fillings (cheese, bacon bits, crumbled sausage, chopped veggies, salsa, hot sauce,

seasonings, etc.)

Need: Pot to boil water and a hardy Ziploc bag that fits entirely in pot


1)  Place eggs and desired ingredients in baggie.

2)  Shake bag vigorously and dance around screaming in hobo excitement (make sure everything is mixed nicely).

3)  Place baggie in boiling pot of water and do not let any edges overhang. Keep the bag fully submerged in the boiling water for ten minutes give or take.

4)  Use tongs to lift it out, and voila! An egg-tastic, protein filled meal to get your day rolling!

Lunch: Not Your Mama’s ChiliFlickr_stevendepolo_3428222234--Taco_Bell_nachos
Spice up that old can of chili with these simple fixes and your belly will thank you in five different languages.

Ingredients: Can of chili with beans, corn chips, shredded cheese, sour cream, salsa, veggies, gum drops, pixie dust… whatever your heart desires!

1)  Heat up the can of chili over a fire

2)  Layer plate with chips, hot chili and toppings

3)  Boom. Yummy, crunchy, gooey taco goodness

All you need is a little foil and love with a dash of creativity.

Ingredients: Meat and veggies chopped up, a can of creamed soup (cream of chicken or mushroom are popular choices), seasonings

Need: Heavy duty aluminum foil


1)  Prepare at home and freeze until you camp or prepare at the campsite.

2)  Rip out a big piece of heavy duty aluminum foil and fill ‘er up, making sure to place food that takes longest to cook on the bottom (meat, duh). Don’t skip the cream soup because that adds flavor and moisture.

3)  Simply double wrap in more foil and stick the delectable packet directly on hot coals. Flip every 10-15 mins until meat is thoroughly cooked.

4)  Foil packets: The way to any man/women’s heart.

Dessert: Campfire Cones8170301680_314eaf64ff
Who doesn’t want to eat a Campfire Cone? The name alone oozes happiness and smiles- you don’t want to skip out on this tasty treat.

Ingredients: Ice cream sugar cones, fillings: peanut butter, chocolate spread, marshmallows, chocolate chips, bananas, honey, mini candy bars, etc.

Need: Foil

Build up your cone, wrap in foil and toast over a fire for a few minutes until ingredients melt together. Take a a mouth watering bite and thank me later.