Gear Review: Half Moon Bay Longboard from Crescent Moon

DSC_1436It’s getting warmer out. College students are chilling in hammocks, sweet tea is awesome again and longboards are crowding the asphalt. Today, you’ll get a first look at the Half Moon Bay Longboard by Crescent Moon. You may have heard of the company for their snowshoes. Now, they’re bringing boards into the mix.

DSC_1457The short version goes like this: the board is a cruiser. It’ll get you from point A to point B (while looking good in the process). It turns smoothly thanks to the Paris trucks (a brand of premium trucks) and is aesthetically pleasing for folks you’ll pass by.

If you’re planning on doing much sliding, this isn’t the board for you. It’s a bit heavy and the shape isn’t conducive for the traditional Coleman. That’s because this is a pin tail board meant for cruising. The grip tape is circular rather than straight strips, which is cool to look at, but not for the beginner worried about slipping off. Of course, this can be mitigated with some aftermarket-tricking-out.

The deck has a cool design with a nice solid wood grain texture. It’s not flexible by any means, but for a wood board, it’s surprisingly springy (compared to other wood boards).DSC_1487The board is fun to ride around – and that’s what it’s meant for. If you’re in college, or just happen to like cruising, this would make an ideal gift (to receive). That said, at slightly over $300, it’s a pricey compared to the competition.

Overall, fun board that will get you where you want to go. Good overall hardware and a nice spring. Expect to see them around in the near future.
Crescent Moon Board

By James Kennedy