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Gear Review: The Lazer Helium Helmet


With contributions from Yoon Kim

Spring is finally here, and many trails are suddenly feeling the wear of shoes and bike tires. Biking is a great way to get out and enjoy the weather, as well exercise without all the stress that running puts on your joints. But biking can still put a lot of stress on your head if you don’t wear a helmet.

Helmets aren’t really that hip for every crowd, but if you’re an experienced biker, you know the value of one. Many bikers forgo the helmet because they’ve never had any major accidents. But for those who are a part of the bike world, they will tell you it does not matter what your experience level is; there is always a chance that an accident will happen. Simply wearing a helmet can keep that accident from becoming a life-altering event.

With that in mind, this review will be looking at the Lazer Helium helmet.

If you’re looking for a good fit, then this helmet is for you. Many helmets aren’t made to fit everyone’s head well, making wearing a helmet a dissatisfying experience. The Lazer Helium helmet comes in four sizes, meaning that this helmet should fit everyone, even if your head on the larger side. The helmet also features theĀ Rollsys retention system, which allows for a perfect fit around your entire head. The system is controlled by one dial, which means it is easy to change. On the inside of the helmet you can also see how tight you’ve sized your helmet.


There is also a gel pad at the front of the helmet that can seem a little unnecessary at first, but it really makes the helmet extremely comfortable. This is the type of helmet you will easily wear into, and will feel comfortable in for long periods of time.


Special Features
Inside of the Rollsys dial is a small lazer. This is a great option if you are biking at night. You can make the lazer either flash or continuously shine. This is a great safety addition to the back of the helmet.

There is also a small rubber piece on the chin strap that can help hold the wire to your earbuds. This is a small addition to make simple things like listening to music or talking on the phone less annoying.


With 19 vents, the helmet really does a pretty good job of keeping your head cool. The X-static padding, meant for added comfort, can actually be removed if you prefer a an even cooler design. If you prefer the comfort of the X-static padding, rest assured knowing that it is an anti-microbrial self-cleaning system. So while it may absorb some sweat, your neighbor shouldn’t know when you’re done with your ride by the stench wafting over.

Overall, this is a great helmet with a comfortable fit. As a bonus, it even looks pretty legit, so you can be proud wearing this helmet. While there are some of the straps and extra pieces may seem a little awkward at first, there’s nothing you can’t get used to. The only huge downer to this helmet is the price. If that’s all that’s stopping you from getting this helmet, check out the Lazer Genesis, a simpler and cheaper option.