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Go Green for St. Patricks Day!

kilt walkersEveryone knows about green beer. Here are six ways you can toast the environment on the world’s greenest holiday:

Bike (or walk) to the party!
This might take a little pre-planning, but why not take the bike? If you plan to drink it might not be safe (or legal) to ride home, but that’s what those legs are for!  And think of the money you’ll save on parking, taxis and, um, a potential DUI. Live too far to ride or walk? Take the bus. No bus? Ok, at least car pool, and be sure to designate a driver.

Plant your garden
March 17 is time for you to start planning that garden if you haven’t already. If you live in a cold climate, start seeds inside in egg cartons. If it’s already warm where you live, get out and sow the soil. Gardening provides the freshest, most local food and reduces fuel used in shipping. If you live in an arid region, rip out some water-hogging lawn and plant veggies using water-saving in-ground sprinklers or raised beds. You can’t don’t grass anyway, right?

Buy local beer
I love Guiness as much as the next guy, but really what’s the point of shipping brew from Holland or Ireland with so many amazing local breweries in every state? Buying locally made beer reduces the amount of fuel needed to transport the yummy but quite heavy beverage.

plant treePlant a tree
Ok, it’s not Arbor Day, but spring is a great time to plant trees. Moist soil and moderate temperatures give your sapling a great chance at survival.

Join a CSA
Consumer Supported Agriculture gives farmers the chance to do what they do best – farm. Most CSA’s offer fresh, local, often organic vegetables at very competitive prices. As an added bonus, CSA’s tend to vary their deliveries depending on the season. Most CSA’s accept new customers until late March or April at the latest, so now’s the time!

Donate or recycle unused clothing and household items
It’s Spring Cleaning time, and if you haven’t worn a sweater, jacket or boots for the entire winter, it is time to pass it on. Donate your used clothing, furniture, and household items to a local thrift store or charitable organization and keep them out of the landfill. Plus, your trash could easily become someone else’s treasure.