Go Take a Hike

Go Take a HikeNo offense, but you should go take a hike. Seriously! This is actually in your best interest. In the world of now, we consume media by the bucket loads, and in the end our rear ends have left a perfect impression on the couch (or chair, or futon). Here is a list of six reasons why you should go on a hike.

Feel awesome
“So, the other day I advanced to this wicked level in Call of Duty: I’m Such An Awesome Gamer,” v. “I climbed a mountain last week.” Which guy do you think got a better reaction to his story? When you’re out in the wild, you have the excuse to be as manly as you want. Grunt, roar, yell at the edge of a cliff. It’s your decision.

Quit your vices
Obviously this wouldn’t work so well on a weekend getaway, but if you’re feeling extra ambitious, a multi-month excursion is the perfect time to quit smoking or drinking. A long hike is also proven to be┬átherapeutic┬áto soldiers reentering civilian life.

th2Become part of a larger community
How many days do you end up in your room contemplating what to do? Maybe you’ll surf the web, watch some tv, then wind up laying on your couch contemplating life. When you’re a part of the hiking community there is always plenty to do. You can join an online forum where you can guide (no pun intended) new hikers to the best deals for gear on the web. Local hiking clubs are always looking for volunteers to help maintain trails. It also just feels good to be a part of something that contributes to the world.

Experience Trail Angels
One of the fears that many people have before venturing on a longer hike is, “Will there be any good food?” If you happen to be on a well traveled trail (such as the AT or the PCT) there will be strange groups of people known as Trail Angels. These people will often set up camp for a couple days, and their entire point of being there is to cook as many hamburgers and hot dogs for hungry hikers on the trail as possible. The question you’ll end up asking is, “How much can I eat till they make me stop?”

th3Have an excuse for a cool tattoo
I know you want that band lyric on your forearm, but are you still going to like it ten years from now? If you go on a long hike, then you have the legitimate excuse of getting a rad tattoo. Treat yourself. Just make sure that you can hide it from your employer.

Grow your beard
If there is one thing that a man should do before he dies, it’s grow a beard. More often than not being confined to an office will diminish the possibilities you’ll have of growing that beard, and a one week vacation usually wont cut it. A couple months in the wilderness is just the chance you’ll need to fully grow into your manhood.

By James Kennedy