How to Flirt Like A Rockstar: The Hook-up For Climbers

qsSince I’ve been in the climbing scene, I find myself constantly surrounded by gorgeous men (My life is tough, what can I say?). However, flirting can often be scary and confusing with many factors to consider: Does the climber hottie you’re scoping out have a significant other? Are they open to flirting on the rock or are they too engrossed in their current project? Are they just in town for a weekend romance with the rocks or are they here to stay? Lucky for you, I’ve made a fool of myself enough during my flirting escapades to confidently suggest some tips and tricks for making that connection on the climb. Consider it your flirting beta, if you will.

climbers3Lend a Helping Hand
Alright, you’ve spotted this seriously cute climber. You want a quick and simple way to connect with them, so that you can get the scoop on their Facebook Relationship Status. A great trick is to offer to belay them on a route or, if there’s a route they’d like to do but can’t lead climb it, offer to set it up for them. This way, you get to show off your mad climbing skills, build trust through belaying, and gauge how receptive they are to your flirting.

Flattery Will Get You Everywhere
Men, in particular, love it when you swoon over their climbing (it must be part of that whole male ego thing). Let him know that you really loved that sweet move midway up the route where he lunged for that jug hold. Let her know she’s a graceful climber and made the route look easy and elegant. This not only shows that you’re paying attention but also that you appreciate good climbing.

climbers2That’s What Friends are For
There’s nothing wrong with approaching your climber hottie’s friends and asking if he or she is single. It cuts to the chase and introduces you to their climbing group.

The More, the Merrier
If you’ve spoted someone on the rock, found out they’re single, and sense interest, ask your climber hottie’s group to climb with yours. Team up on some routes and then go out for beers afterwards. It’s a great way to make friends and show your climber hottie that you’re interested in making them your next, big, project.

Keep these simple tips in mind and you’re sure to be chattin’ up the climbin’ cuties in no time!