How To Score a Summer Romance By Getting Outdoors

Maybe it’s the heat. Maybe it’s that everyone wears less clothing. But, whatever the reason, people tend to couple up during the summer months. And if you’re having trouble finding a cuddle buddy, then take this advice and heat up the remainder of your summer.

Hit the Trails
There are literally hundreds of hot, single, people out and about on hiking trails at any given point during the summer ( I know because I frequently hit on them and/or take pictures of them when they’re not looking…creepy). Your chance of finding a summer lover exponentially increases when you get out and about on the trails. While you’re there, make friends by chatting with other hikers. Talk about the view, your other outdoor passions, or the beer you’re craving after the trek. With any luck, they’ll offer to buy you one. Note: Taking pictures of them is not recommended.

Find Fun at Festivals
These days, there’s a festival for everything. Beer, food, music…hell, there are even Renaissance Festivals ( who knows, maybe you’ll find your Lancelot). What’s more, many of these festivals take place outside and basically require that you wear something cute that will attract the opposite sex. So get yourself to a festival or two this summer. Chain maille optional.

Join the Team
Teams, like festivals, aren’t difficult to come by in the summertime. There are kickball teams, volleyball teams, running teams, and soccer teams. Pick one. Pick two. Make sure they’re coed, of course.

Look Your Best
Just because you’re out of doors and sweating doesn’t mean you can look like a slob. Well, you can but that’s not going to score you a sweet heart. So, do yourself ( and everyone else) favor by taking a bath and putting on some sexy outdoor clothing. If you’re a guy, wash your shirt, brush your teeth and maybe throw on some Old Spice. We gals like the rugged type but we’d prefer that you not smell like a combination of dead fish, dirt, and outhouse. Thanks. And gals, if your hair looks like a bird’s nest, your skin is like a crocodile’s, and we could grate cheese on your legs then, for the love of all that’s holy, clean that shit up a bit. Some guys like that outdoorsy, hippie, “I’m In Touch with My Inner Paula Cole So I’m Not Gonna Shave” look, but most prefer a woman who has somewhat soft, smooth, skin that smells good. Help us, help you.