Kiss and Tell: The Best Outdoor Locations to Steal a Smooch or Two

If you’re smart (and I’m assuming you are since you’re reading my article) you like kissin’. Smoochin’. Puckering Up. The Big Wet One (get your mind outta the gutter, you’re better than that). That being said, the outdoors and smooching go hand in hand (or tongue in mouth…couldn’t resist). Nature provides a sexy, relaxing, and scenic atmosphere for all your make out needs and below I’ve listed some of the outdoor spots most conducive for optimal makeoutage.


kiss1Kisses on the Creek
Most people like creeks. They’re pretty and calming. Not to mention, they’re usually tucked back in an enchanted wood where no one except the unicorns will find you. So, if you happen to stumble upon a creek ( I’m pretty sure they exist in abundance…except in the desert) it would behoove you to steal a kiss.


kiss3Wet Ones While Walking
Some of my favorite kisses have been on leisurely walks outside. Night-time walks are particularly good for setting the kissing mood. Not to mention, walking with your love interest that brings up feelings of closeness and makes it seems as though you’re exploring life together even though you may merely be going from one end of the block to the other.


kiss4Smooches at the Summit
There’s something so unbelievably epic about the top of a mountain. If you don’t feel a surge of emotion when you reach the summit and gaze out over all of nature’s bounty then you are a soulless wretch and you shouldn’t be kissin’ anyone. Hiking or climbing to a summit with your sweetheart fills you with a sense of shared accomplishment and is particularly good for a first kiss or a proposal (Seriously, if my mountain man husband doesn’t propose to me on top of a mountain, I’m dumping him and marrying a hipster).


kiss2When All Else Fails, Think “Disney Movie”:
Now, granted, you may not own a magic carpet so taking your love interest on a rug ride is out; however, if you run out of places to steal a kiss or you don’t like any of the above mentioned (What? You can’t make it to a mountain summit? It’s a wonder you’re getting’ kissed at all) then just dip into your Bag-o-Disney-Moments and go from there. Remember The Little Mermaid? We gals loved it because we secretly wanna be Ariel, comb our hair with forks, and rock some mad purple shells. You dudes loves it because…well, let’s face it…you liked Ariel’s shells just as much as we did. That being said, think of the song “Kiss the Girl” when planning your makeout attack. You know, the one where that crazy Jamaican crab is setting the mood. Take her on a boat ride, dance with her Beauty and the Beast Style (only I recommend that you be slightly less hairy than the Beast), or take her through a romp in the woods ala Elton John/Can You Feel the Lion King Love Tonight. If Disney thought it was a good enough scenario for their animated characters to lock lips, then it’s good enough for you.

Now put on your Aladdin Pants (damn, that cartoon character had swagger) or your hot princess get-up and pucker up!