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Latino USA’s “Radio Nature”


The outdoor industry, despite changes in America’s demographics, continues to cater to a white America. We rarely see persons of color climbing mountains, or exploring the outdoors. Yet nature welcomes everyone and everyone should be able to use Mother Nature’s gifts.

That is why the NPR program Latino USA is making an effort to make their voice heard. Latino USA recently launched a second season of The REI Foundation funded “Radio Nature”. The series looks at Latinos who are exploring the outdoors, and shares their stories through audio.

These are needed voices that can be appreciated by anyone. For instance, the most recent piece took a look at Claudia Lopez, the first Columbian woman to summit the Himalayas. This is an accomplishment the outdoor industry rarely highlights, yet it is something that should be recognized. Check out the website for a fresh perspective on the outdoors, and let Latino USA take you on new adventures.