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Make History with Expedition Denali

Think of the first time you did your taxes (if you’ve never done taxes, think of when you filled out your first job application). Did you jump in there like champ, knowing every single checkmark box to check, answer and response? Not a chance. You probably had someone who was older than you, help you out – most likely your folks, or maybe an older sibling or friend.

That’s kind of how it’s like with outdoor sports. Think of the first time you skied, climbed, paddled, or hiked. You probably went with your folks or someone older. That’s known as “role modeling” or “mentorship.” Thing is, not everyone has those older mentors or role models to show them the ropes. And that’s what Expedition Denali is about.

Expedition Denali is the first African American expedition to tackle North America‚Äôs highest peak. When it comes to enjoying the outdoors, many times African Americans (and pretty much all other minorities at that) don’t have the same role models and mentors. Let’s be real for a second – everyone you see in stock photos of high caliber outdoor magazines have one thing in common – and it’s not diversity.

That’s what this trip is set out to change. Mother nature doesn’t care about your skin color, income bracket, or social standing – she invites everyone. And Expedition Denali is about encouraging all people of color to go out there and enjoy what nature has to offer (in this case, it’s a really awesome mountain).

They need your help – this is a story that needs to be told all through America. This kickstarter campaign is about getting people outside, especially the folks who tend not to because they’ve never had a role model to look up to. We could definitely use your help so lend a thumb or share this vid with your friends. It’ll make the outdoors just that much more of an inviting place.