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Must Haves for August

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LoweproPhoto Sport Pro 30L Backpack from Lowepro
It’s that time of year when students around the country are picking out new backpacks for school. Most people will stick with the traditional backpack with pencil holders and straps that do nothing. Or perhaps, you could switch it up with a top loading pack that can hold 30 Liters, as well as holding a DSLR and an iPad. The slot behind the main compartment will hold up to a 17” laptop, and the pouches on the belt strap are perfect for holding writing utensils. The camera compartment is removable in case you need more room for books, and the top loading cover can hold another few liters (for more stationary, maybe a PSP and crayons or what not).



sunguardJack Black Sun Guard SPF 45
August means the sun is out – and not for much longer. Pretty soon school will rob you of all your free time. And then it’ll be September. This means you need to spend the next few weeks outside soaking as much sun as you can before Fall takes it away. While you’re at it, lather up with some oil-free SPF 45. The folks at Jack Black have created an oil free, waterproof sunscreen that has some serious staying power on the skin – a great innovation for folks who forget to reapply.




NuunNuun Cherry Limeade Caffeine Enhanced Drink Tabs
Nothing will power you through your last classes like a tablet loaded with electrolytes and caffeine. Just drop one of these Alka-Seltzer looking things into a few ounces (16 to be exact) of water, drink, and voila – you’ll have 40 mg of caffeine and tons of electrolytes bouncing around in your head. It’s a great way to carry around great tasting stimulants without worrying about it losing its fizz.




Guide SmallGuide Small from Revo
What’s the one thing that everyone has in common when it comes to sunglasses? The fact that everyone loses them. Here’s a pair of shades you won’t lose – because it attaches it to you via a necklace. Here’s how it works. You put the shades over your eyes when outside, then hang them around your neck when done, and repeat. Very simple stuff here. And to top it off, these lenses are polarized, removing any pesky haze from water or fog.



FurrowprAna Furrow Shorts
Each day you wear these 53% hemp and 44% recycled polyester shorts, a baby sapling will blossom into an adult tree. Hemp (not to be confused with it’s THC containing cousin), is one of the most eco-friendly fibers on the planet, requiring little pesticides and way less water than it’s uber thirsty and polluting rival, cotton. With a good amount of Lycra as well, these shorts will stretch with you on a hike outside, and while slouching in class.



snapplicatorCortizone 10 Poison Ivy Relief Pads
It’s being reported that as the world gets hotter, poison ivy sting does as well. Good thing that Cortizone makes handy little packets that they’re calling “snapplicators.” Perfect for a first aid kit, or to shove a couple in a pocket before a hike – these snapplicators are great for calming down even the fieriest of urushiol reactions.





BanjeesSprigs Banjees Wrist Wallet
This little wrist wallet holds your phone, keys, credit card and other trinkets so you can keep your hands free while on a jog/hike. It’s nice because all your quick-access items (namely your phone) is within reach (literally hanging on your other hand) so you don’t have to take off your pack or finagle in your pockets to take a call.





nosquitoStinger Nosquito Bug Zapper
August means mosquito season is at it’s peak. While this device certainly wouldn’t do the job in Alaska, it will cover 600 square feet for 3.5 hours with no cords. The rechargeable battery will let you take it anywhere into the wild and the Nosquito scented lure will ensure that pesky blood suckers are on the highway to hell. Just flip a switch and watch as the little bugs bypass your legs for the zapper.





forgeCamelbak Forge
A hot cup of coffee will cool off by the time you get to the trailhead – unless you’ve got it in a self-sealing vacuum air-tight container. The CamelBak Forge will keep your drink hot for hours on end. And if your drink gets too hot, with a click of a button, it’ll start venting on it’s own. After you’re finished, just pop off the lid for a no-hassle rinse.





sanukSanuk Mako Sandal-Shoes
Here’s a pair of sandals that you can wear anywhere at anytime. When it’s hot outside, just step on the heel and it’s a slipper. When you need more support, prop the heel back up and it’s a sandal-shoe. On the inside is an EVA footbed with anti-stink material to keep the funk out. On the outside is a layer of rad so people can see how rad you are with every step. Not a bad deal, especially since you’re really getting a twoferone – a sandal and a shoe.





By Yoon Kim