Gear Reviews

Outdoor Must Have’s for September

Each month, we do a Must Have’s featuring cool new gear from outdoorsy brands. Here are some Must-Have’s for September.

Tilley Endurables Mashup HatTilley Endurables Mashup Hat Made of recycled hemp and organic cotton yarns, this hat is about as eco-friendly as they get. But even better is it's guarantee not to wear out - so guaranteed that it has it's own insurance. It repels water, floats, and straps to the back of your head in preparation of strong gusts. The top of the hat features ventilation mesh to keep your head breathing and out of the sun on the hottest of days and the secret pocket on the inside perfectly fits a wallet and keys.
Outsider's BallFuturist Project Shirt from Prana The Futurist Project is a bi-annual event for young leaders within the outdoor industry. The evening of discussion is considered one of Outdoor Nation's Summits where rising stars from outdoor brands, retailers, organizations, and media come together to discuss strategies for leading the next generation outside. Prana, a big sponsor of the event, made shirts this year for Futurist volunteers who helped with the Outsider's Ball - Outdoor Nation's big fundraiser. This shirt is as soft as stretchy as they get - but more importantly, it's a way of wearing support for the movement for leading young folks outside.
Osprey Pixel PortOsprey's Pixel Port The Pixel Port is where technology meets the outdoors. This 14 Liter bag fits the new 9.7 inch iPad 5 into its fully touch responsive Port window so you can play Angry Birds on the trail without even taking your tablet out. The Slash Pocket is plenty spacious to store a Note 3 and other tech goodies. Flip the cover and on the inside, you can slide in a 13'' laptop, Kindle, and enough pens to last you a semester. It's perfect for school, short day trips, and showing off some urban/outdoor flair.

Mountain Khakis SUP ShortsMountain Khakis SUP Board Short Better get some turns and stretches on that SUP before October rolls around. While you're at it, nab a comfortable pair of quick-dry board shorts with a Velcro fly and gussets/inseams designed to be flexible enough for yoga. The back pocket features an elastic key cord and drain hole so you're not carrying the lake with you while loading your watercraft onto your vehicle. The outside is 100% DWR coated Nylon while the inside is lined with anti-chafing mesh meaning that if you're trying to take a dip before class, your shorts will be dry as a cactus by the time you get there.

LittlbugLittlbug Junior Stove There's nothing little or junior about this stove - this piece of equipment is as rugged, ergonomic, and ultralight as emergency gear gets. I mean really - aren't we in the middle of a forest fire epidemic? What's the point of lugging around bulky fuel canisters when there is dry, explosive tinder all around you? And if your foliage is wet - no worries - bust out your flask full of 80-proof-whatever-it-is-you're-drinking and voile - you have liquid fuel that will rival any fancy compressed fuel stove. To be fair, stoves are designed for different environments and this one is not for use on snow or extremely wet climes but perfect for day trips. At 5 ounces, you may just forget you brought it.
Sun BumSun Bum Pro 30 Know what's going on this month? The UV and Skin Cancer Conference. How's that for a little reminder to lather up. This Skin Cancer Foundation recommended SPF 30 is TSA travel size approved but more importantly, it's water resistant so it'll stay on your skin longer. Unlike other bottles of sunscreen where you have to pour it into your palms into a goopy mess, this nifty little cap slips up, allowing you to aim and squirt like a bottle of Sriracha.

paracordSecreLine Survival Bracelet Wearable technology is all the rage these days - and now, it's survival's turn. This 7 foot long 550 lbs military grade Nylon paracord wraps around your wrist in case you need to build a shelter, trap some food, or just - have a cool looking bracelet that can be used later. The two separate cords will safely handle 110 lbs of weight (I know confusing since it's commonly referred to as 550 Paracord) and is one of the absolute must-have for any survival kit. Get one and wear it around with pride since you'll be the one alive after the Apolocalypse.
Oral IVOral I.V. Rapid Hydration Concentrate When you're dehydrated (I mean really dehydrated, not just really thirsty), it's likely because you're too low in sodium. Your body refuses H2O because there's no sodium to hold it. So you're stuck in this vicious cycle - more sodium without water will make you more dehydrated, but without it, your cells just refuse to hold water. The solution is quick electrolytes, minerals, and water so you don't puke what you consume. This is what Oral I.V. has created with their lab-tube looking twist off capsules. Another must-have survival piece to be stored in any backpack for emergency situations.

EDC KitKaufmann Mercantile EDC Kit Everyone needs an every-day-carry whether it's a Swiss Army Knife or a keychain with a lighter, crowbar, tweezers, Philips, and flathead. Oh yeah, that's exactly what this piece from Kaufmann Mercantile is. The components chosen for this piece are about as useful as they get and again, a definitely must-have when outside. Of most interest is the zippo-style waterproof lighter that is about the size of a piece of gum. Throw into your bag and you have another must-have for any survival situation.

QuickfitFootbalance QuickFit Insoles Footbalance knows a thing or two about feet - having custom fitted over a million custom footbeds around the world. The QuickFit however, allow you to heat-mold your own footbed so you can customize it to the contour of your foot without having to get it done at a shop. Don't like the idea of sticking these in the oven? No problem - they'll mold to your feet with time. Don't deal with Plantar Fasciitis and the likes - throw on a pair of self-customizing (or heat moldable) insoles and get back on your feet!