Night-Time Hiking For Lovers


Why in the world would anyone hike at night?
Hiking at night is a change of pace. It’s exciting and (listen up, boys) romantic. But for you lovers who’ve never attempted a Nighttime Rendezvous Hiking Extravaganza of Sexiness ( ‘cause that’s what they’re called…obvi) I’ve put together a crash course below. You’re welcome.

Isn’t it dangerous?
The answer to this question is twofold (Yep, I said “twofold”…I was an English Major and watch Game of Thrones):

Yes, night-time hiking can be dangerous if you forget to do the following:

  1. Tell people where you’re going or when you’re planning to return
  2. Don’t know the length of your trail, the approximate time it will take to hike the trail round trip, and the skill-level required.
  3. Fail to take the proper accoutrements (see below)
  4. Forget to check the weather
  5. Don’t pay attention to signs regarding the wildlife in the area such as mountain lions, bears, or coyotes.


No, night-time hiking is not dangerous because you observed basic safety and have some clue about what you’re doing (and you watch Game of Thrones ‘cause it teaches you how to be a badass…just sayin’.)

Wait? Girls think headlamps are hot? Whaaaaaa?
Yep. Girls think headlamps are hot and here’s why. If you own a headlamp, we people of the female variety automatically think that you spend at least sometime in the outdoors ( or under cars/sinks fixing them…which is also hot). It signifies that you’re a Class 2 Outdoorsman instead of a Class 1 Outdoorsman (these men only hike during the day, may or may not be able to build a fire, and do not own a knife).

So, like, what do you do on a nighttime hike?
Well, Einstein, you can look at the pretty stars, look at the twinkling lights of nearby cities, and make out…just to name a few. Duh.

Accoutrements (a sexy French word for “additional dress or equipment”)
As was previously discussed, each person in your hiking party should have a headlamp. Some other items to carry with you include:

  • Warm layers
  • Rain shell
  • Plenty of water
  • Distress whistle
  • Map of your trail and surrounding areas
  • Extra batteries for headlamp

Now that you are armed with the facts and a headlamp (hopefully) plan your night-time hike and follow the advice about making out. You won’t regret it.