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North Face’s Explore Fund Gets Kids Outside

tnfCreativity and exploration are needed for the growth of youth. Taking a hike or drifting down a river, these are things everyone should have the opportunity to experience. Yet our culture pulls people indoors, continually disconnecting us from a world of beauty and experiences.

The Explore Fund is North Face’s way of financially supporting organizations as they connect youth with the outdoors. They believe experiencing the outdoors is worth time, money, and investment.

North Face has, in the past, given grants of up to $2,500 through the Explore Fund. This year, they’re adding another zero by awarding $25,000 grants. Add another zero, and you get the total amount given through all the grants: $250,000. Be sure to check out the website if you know of an organization that would be an appropriate applicant. Either way, you can be sure to appreciate the work North Face and organizations all over country are doing to reconnect people with the outdoors.