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Out of Sight: a film about bouldering in Fontainebleau

Anybody who fancies himself a climber knows about Fontainebleau. As one of the planet’s largest areas for climbing, Fontainebleau earns it’s reputation as the world’s premiere climbing destination. But, not every climber has the good fortune of living in France…

Before you dismiss the possibility of experiencing Fontainebleau as fantasy, give this short teaser a look.

“Out of Sight” is a video series documenting the climbs of some of the world’s best climbers, on some of the world’s best climbing grounds:¬†Fontainebleau. Produced and directed by Neil Hart, “Out of Sight” is sure to make any hopeful climber froth at the mouth. It will take you deep in the hidden areas of Fontainebleau, where few climbers have gone before.

So, if you’re half a world away but would love to see the climbs that make even the most experienced climber teary eyed, check out “Out of Sight”.

Written by Alec Ross