Outdoor Activities for Students Who Have No Time and Are On a Budget

Whether you’re in high school, college, or rounding out your graduate work chances are you’re pressed for time and money. Making a commitment to a team is just not for you and funding for the more expensive outdoor sports like skiing or trad rock-climbing is non-existent. Luckily, we have the perfect suggestions that will get you outside for a hot minute without breaking your band or jeopardizing your study time.

Be a BA at Bouldering
The beauty of bouldering is that the gear is minimal. In theory, you don’t even need a chalk bag. Just chalk and a sturdy crash pad ( which can often be purchased on Craigslist or at used gear shops for cheap). Don’t live in an area where crash pads are prevalent? Buy a cheap single-sized mattress off Craigslist. They’re relatively light weight and will do the trick.

What’s more, bouldering is free when done in the outdoors. No gym fees, no membership dues, no problem. As for time constraints, bouldering is a sport that absolutely requires time and effort to master but there are no mandatory practices and no games lasting a set amount of time. When you want to climb some rock, you go find it, and rock out for as long as you want. End of story.

Hit the Hiking Trails or Make Your Own
Hiking is another outdoor adventure that can be quick, invigorating, and cheap. If you take the minimalist approach, the most you’ll need is a lightweight pack, basic survival gear, sturdy hiking boots/sandals, and appropriate clothing all of which can be found at used gear shops, on Craigslist, and at garage sales.

Hiking, like Bouldering, is super time management friendly because you can go when you want and hike as long as you want. Don’t have many hikes in your area? Try to find hikes nearby or join a hiking club on MeetUp-they can help you find the best places for putting foot to earth.

Study Tip: Invite your classmates on a Study Hike. This may sound counter productive but you’d be surprised how much can be achieved over a 5 mile hike. Quiz each other on vocabulary as you trek and have a study lunch when you stop for your trail picnic.

Get Silly with Slacklining
Slacklining is gaining popularity amongst youngsters and outdoor enthusiasts. Check out this dude slacklining over a canyon-WHAT!? This outdoor activity can be done virtually anywhere and is hella-fun. What’s more, it requires balance and total concentration which makes it good for getting you out of your head during your study breaks. That being said, after reading this article you have no excuse but to get outdoors, get moving, and take an, albeit short, break from studying.