Outdoor Aphrodisiac: Where and Why to Get in On in the Outdoors

87801772Nature is sexy. Pure, plain, and simple. The warmth of rays on various tanned (and toned) body parts, the breeze tousling sun-kissed hair, and the beauty of the outdoors surrounding you can be a powerful aphrodisiac. As such, you may be tempted to give into your passions while hiking, climbing, or otherwise recreating in nature and who could blame you? Just make sure you follow some of these helpful (and hot) tips.

The Where:
Ok, kinky exhibitionists…let’s not get too crazy. Finding someplace that is secluded where there’s little chance of getting caught is not only respectful but it’s less illegal (kind of…sort of…depends on what state you live in). That being said, getting it on in the outdoors should be a private affair. We realize there are some of you who would love nothing more than to be discovered with your pants down around their Vibrams while hiking but, for the sake of decency, let’s brainstorm some slightly more modest places to knock those boots.

Bring Sexy Backcountry
The backcountry is an ideal place for hooking up because you can get off the beaten path, pitch a tent, and (for the most part) not have to concern yourself with park rangers, parents hiking with their children, or the police. Be sure to get a permit if one is required and keep the moaning to a minimum. We don’t want someone thinking you’re being attacked by a wild animal.

No Skinny Dipping Allowed (We Think Not)
If you’re camping near a lake, find a secluded beach in the evening and strip down with your honey. There’s nothing quite so erotic as swimming around, rocking only your birthday suit, while you frolic with a sexy someone. Be safe and don’t drown…’cause, well, that would just be awkward. Note: Sex on the beach of some tropical island (though cliché) is also a must. Sex in the ocean…not so much.

Makin’ Love, Mountain Style
Though it could be tricky, having hot sex on a mountain is just, well, flippin’ awesome. It takes creativity, planning, and (forgive us) balls. Just remember that going off-trail can damage delicate mountain eco-systems, so wherever you choose to get it on, make sure it’s on trail. Note: Bonus points if you’re in the higher altitudes! That takes stamina.

The Why:
This probably needs little explanation but if you’re on the fence about outdoor sexy-time, here are a few reasons you should try it at least once.

-It’s adventurous and can spice up your love-life, particularly if things have been dull in that department lately

-It’s a great bonding experience. You and your partner will never forget that time you got freaky under the giant waterfall you stumbled upon in the backcountry

-It connects you with nature. Not to get all hippieish, but sex and the outdoors both get us in touch with our primal instincts and desires. Tapping into your carnal urges while outside can make men feel more virile and women feel more feminine.

Now get out there, you outdoor freak, and get it on!

By Hope Gately