ODNBAfter many long months of planning, creating, and executing, we are so proud to bring you…Tadaaa…The Outdoor Nation blog! Please help us spread the word through FB and Twitter (we will be eternally grateful!)

This publication will focus on three things

–  policy issues that affect the outdoors (Sally Jewell, Sequester, policy related to public lands, LWCF, etc.)
–  inclusivity and how to bring the outdoors to people of all colors and income scales
–  environmental issues like climate change, conservation of public lands to local cleanups.

Of course, what would a blog be without some fun right? So we have one channel titled “Just for Fun” where we will be doing humor articles, tradeshow roundups, and other ridiculous articles that may catch you off guard (proving that policy wonks are able to have fun).

Got suggestions, comments, tirades, or advice? Please send them our way – facebook.com/OutdoorNation or tweet them to us – Twitter.com/OutdoorNation. And now that you’ve done that – help us spread the word about our launch!