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Outdoorsy Must Have’s for October

Ed ViestursThe Mountain by Ed Viesturs and Mossy Oak Trail Guide by NavPress Books inspire stoke, which is why people read them (and also why people write them). Here are two books - one that you can read, and one that you can write in. The Mountain by Ed Viesturs in collaboration with David Roberts, is Ed’s account of Everest. Viesturs started his Everest career as a mountain guide, helping commercial explorers summit only to later become one of the most accomplished mountaineers of all time. This is the story of how he rose to prominence on the world's tallest peak. Mossy Oak Trail Guide is part book, part notebook and part religious devotional. It's filled with practical survival tips as well as section for documenting reflections. No matter what supreme being you believe in, this trail guide will give you some interesting points to chew on while allowing you to document your thoughts on paper.

PuffsPuff's Fresh Faces There's no rule that says being outside requires being grimy. Who said you can't wear makeup outside? Or wash your face or even, simply wipe the sweat and grime off your body at night? Puff has a great solution for the outdoorsy folk who like their hygiene - alcohol and fragrance free saline wipes perfect for lifting tough to remove makeup, dirt and grime, or just some smelly odors. Keep a box of these with you at all times and stay fresh, even when outside.

Kind BarsKIND Sunglasses Yes - KIND is known for their scrumptious and healthy granola (if you can call it that) bars. But we somehow ran into a pair of limited edition shades at a KIND tent at a conference and just had to rock them. KIND makes some of the tastiest and healthiest granola bars ever with flavors like Blueberry Vanilla and Cashew, Maple Glazed Pecan and Sea Salt, and even, Dark Chocolate Chili Almond. If you've tried a bar, you'll know why we're so stoked on these portable culinary delights. Yum yum!

Goal ZeroGoal Zero Nomad 3.5 Portable Solar Panel and Switch 8 Portable Recharger Telling young people to disconnect while going outside is like telling them not to go outside. Face it - we love our connectivity. We love Facebook (or at least we love to hate it), we love our friends (even if they're not camping with us) and we love to know what's going on in the world. The good news is if you have no problem shutting off the phone, this bad boy will charge a tablet so you can enjoy a flick under the stars. The Recharger doesn't even need the solar panel (it can recharge via USB) meaning you could be off the grid indefinitely and still be connected to society. Crazy world we live in right?

holocurenMiracle Bug Repel Lotion Conveniently sized at 3.4 oz., this natural bug repel lotion was developed in Kauai, Hawaii - a once mosquito free part of Hawaii until they were introduced from whaling ships in the 19th century (so the legend goes). It's a blend of some of the most potent natural repellents from across the world including Brazilian Propolis and Australian Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil. The tea tree oil leaves a soothing scent on your skin which smells awful to blood sucking insects.

Know what's cooler than a duffel bag that you can buy? A duffel bag that you can't buy. This limited edition waterproof dry duffel is a concept for what is to come in the Thule lineup. Expect good things out of their bag and luggage lineup.
20131014_155721Salomon Trail Runner Warm LS ZP Tee M Loaded with hand warmers and a half zip for venting, this bright piece of running gear will keep you warm when you're body is cold, and vent when you're overheating. But more importantly, it'll make you visible to hunters and cars. The reflective material on the zipper and back are cool accent and of course, the reflective logo kind of makes you look like Superman/woman.