Outdoor Advocacy

Peer Pressure: How to Motivate Your Friends to Be Outdoorsy with Social Media

looking outsideWe’ve all got ‘em, those friends who would rather sit inside their dark, dungeon of a house, eat Ramen Noodles, and watch Game of Thrones while the sun is shining outside and the weather is sweet (Yep, G.O.T and Bob Marley reference in one sentence… I win). We love these pasty, skinny, Claritin poppin’ friends and it hurts our hearts when we wanna organize a group camping trip, canoeing adventure, or mountain biking expedition and they can’t come along because…well, let’s face it…they basically burst into flames, Vampire style, if they see the sun and they’re probably a liability because a mosquito bite sends them to the ER. But never fear because, like every other problem in the world, social media has the solution. Whether you’re shaming your friends into getting outdoors, encouraging, or downright inspiring them, social media can help you drag your buddies into the wild.

Shame them with Facebook…Then Organize
My bestfriend had a buddy who would always say that he was going to come on outdoor climbing adventures and then would back out at the last minute. So my friend got a little creative. He took a picture of Adam Ondra off the internet ( one where he’s reaching for a hold, screaming like a Banshee, and just generally looks like a prehistoric pterodactyl) and he Photoshopped his flaky friend’s body into the pic. It looked like Adam Ondra was eating his face. He posted it on Facebook saying that, if it received 100 likes, his friend would have no choice but to come climbing. And, guess what? It worked.

Sometimes our buddies truly want to participate but maybe fear or lack of motivation are holding them back. Have a sense of humor about it, challenge them on social media and then organize a support network. Creating a “Facebook Event” for your next big climb, hike, or ski trip is a great way to get people involved, organized, and dialoguing about your plans. Pull out all the stops. Post funny pictures and videos that will motivate everyone to attend. And always remember that it’s all in good fun.

Bond Over Youtube
If you have a group of outdoor buddies, start a Youtube account, give it a silly name, and post epic videos of all of your outdoor adventures for the season. This is not only a great way to get friends interested and involved, but it’s also a cool way to share your adventures with your friends and family members who live out of state.

Inspire them with Instagram
Maybe you’re less hardcore and you just wanna post pretty pictures. That’s alright too! Be sure to post pictures of the mountains, rivers, creeks, or oceans that you visit. You don’t have to be an outdoor badass to enjoy nature and neither do your friends. Posting pictures of the outdoors regularly can inspire your friends to be more outdoor focused. Even if you can’t get them on a mountain bike, maybe you can at least get them to snorkel or go fishing.

So put the “social” in social media and organize a kickass outdoor event that your friends can’t help but check out, record your adventures for all the world to see, and, above all, show the people in your life how much the great outdoors mean to you.