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Photography Must Have’s for November

Each month, we do an Outdoorsy Must Have’s with a collection of some of our favorite products. This month, the theme is photography.

While these products won’t actually help you be a better photographer, they are super convenient which may make you feel better while doing your photography!

Mountain Khakis Rendezvous Hoodie Mountain Khakis Rendezvous Hoody The only fabric better for layering than merino wool is machine washable merino wool. This is what Mountain Khakis used in their Rendezvous Hoody. Wool has natural anti-stink properties that keeps it from smelling even after the gnarliest of sweats, but even still, all fabrics stink with time if not washed (I don't care if you can wear underwear in 7 countries - it still needs washed). With this piece, as soon as your wool hoody starts to funk, you can just throw it in the wash instead of the hassle of dry cleaning.
Cerium LT Jacket PouchArcTeryx Cerium LT Jacket At 850 fill power, the Cerium is about as warm as lightweight down jackets get. With an external-pocket stuff sack, it'll pack down to about the size of a can of soda. And at 8.6 ounces, it also weighs less than a can of soda (a can of soda weighs around 13 ounces). In fact, this jacket is so light that if you strap a helium balloon to it, the balloon will actually float away faster than with no jacket. More importantly, this jacket is much warmer than some useless balloon.
Joby DSLR Wrist StrapJoby DSLR Wrist Strap Every DSLR that is worth not dropping, needs this strap attached to it. Here's how it works. Simply deattach the stock strap that says "Nikon" in bright yellow or "Canon" in bright red, throw that useless strap away, then with the newly freed up strap-ring, slip on the Joby DSLR Wrist Strap. Now your camera is literally leashed onto your hand, and just like a leashed dog or small child, as long as it is leashed to your wrist, it can never get away from you.
Joby is on a roll with their new launches of innovative camera products. This strap is great for those who don't want their camera dangling at the waist.
Black Widow Holster KitBlack Widow Holster Kit This is perhaps the best hands-free DSLR carrying device currently on the market. The camera hangs from the velcro waist strap, or you can attach the holster directly to your own belt and clip the camera into the holster via a metal pin. While the camera does sway a bit while walking, it's in the position for a split-second draw. Then you can yell "stick em up!" to an unassuming critter or tree or whatever you're taking a picture of.
Camsafe V16Pacsafe Camsafe Venture V16 Anti Theft Camera Slingpack This bag is for photographers who actually like their camera, and don't want it to get stolen. Photographers who want their camera to get stolen should NOT consider this bag. Everything from the zippers to the straps to the actual pockets, are designed to thwart bag slashers, pick pockets and RFID thieves. Even the TSA will have a hard time getting their grimy hands on your pristine shots. With a rainfly, shoulder strap, compressible camera compartment and dividers for your multiple lenses in addition to all the security features, this is the one camera bag that you can feel safe with while doing what you do best - taking great photos.
Wenger Evowood s557Wenger Evowood S557 The S557 from Wenger has two implements that make it extremely important to a photographer. The first is the Universal Wrench that will fit nearly any nut, including the nut that holds the pin to your DSLR and Black Widow holster. The second implement is the adjustable pliers - that does the same thing as the Universal Wrench, but looks cooler because it's adjustable. Oh and there's actually two more crucial implements here - the bottle opener and corkscrew. After a tough day of shooting, you're gonna really want those two implements.