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Inviroment’s PlasTek: Saving the World One Misplaced Plastic Item at a Time

For a sustainable society to blossom, all Eco-friendly alternatives need to be economically efficient, they need to be fiscally better than the tried and trued ways of pollutant’s past. And the folks at Inviroment L.L.C. understand this and are giving new dollar signs to garbage dumps. Their product, PlasTek, is aiming to save the world with one piece of non-recycled plastic at a time. Continue reading to get the inside scoop on this present product of the future, on why we need it, and how you can help:

What It Is
PlasTek is a solution applied to the garbage at landfills and directly targets all the misplaced, non-recycled, plastics and expatiates their degradation process tenfold. Once the plastic has been targeted and the degradation process increased, the large amount of methane gas released in the process can be collected, processed, and sent back out the power grid to provide electricity to houses, street lamps, or whatever appliance is in need of a current.

Why We Need It
According to the E.P.A., that despite our best recycling efforts, 91% of our plastics end up in landfills, and these plastics take up roughly 20-24% of landfill space. A startling statistic already, but couple that with the centuries-long degradation process, and the statistic is downright scary. But it does cast a light on why PlasTek is such an innovative idea. When applied to landfill plastic, PlasTek can reduce the decomposition time to 12-36 months, a significant reduction compared toward the “natural” course of action.

What’s more, is that because the decomposition happens on a much quicker time scale, producing a larger volume of methane, it makes it feasible for the landfills to invest in methane capturing equipment to sell the gas back to the energy grid for a profit. According to Inviroment’s press release, PlasTek has the potential to generate enough of this greener energy to supply 4,000 homes with power, effectively reducing our CO2 production by 20.2 million tons (or 20.3 Billion gallons of gasoline). So, reduce landfill space requirements and generates money and greener energy? Classic Win-Win situation.

How You Can Help
The U.S. Department of Energy has already given Inviroment a $100,000 grant, but they could still use your help. On September 10th, Inviroment launched their Indiegogo Campaign┬áto encourage community support. With extremely detailed information regarding PlasTek and how it came to be, as well as a lengthy list of donation benchmark prizes, not only could you get a sweet new stainless steel water bottle, but you’ll get the knowledge of knowing that you contributed to a better tomorrow.